Tactical Operations Briefing: TOD 3 Mission 1

Guard Weapons Transfer

The key to completing this very easy mission is to know each Imperial craft's objectives. T/F Group Alpha will only attack the A wings. If unopposed, T/F Group Beta will destroy first one, then the other container, and finally, the FRT. Only the FRT and the CRV are important to the mission, so don't worry if the containers are destroyed. T/B Groups Gamma and Delta will seek to destroy the FRT and CRV.

The way I like to do this mission is to set ELS to 75/0 and full throttle. Assign Alpha Group to my wingman and target Beta Group for myself. Dump all power to shields, and avoid incoming fire from Alpha Group. On approach to Beta Group, set ELS to 75/50, circle behind the T/Fs and destroy them with 1 missile each, before they can attack the containers. Then destroy all remaining Alpha T/Fs with lasers.

Target the Delta T/Bs and assign them to your wingman. Set ELS to 75/0 and target T/B Group Gamma. Recharge shields frequently. When you get to 2 clicks away, set ELS to 100/100, circle behind the Gamma T/Bs and destroy them in succession with 1 missile each. Be careful not to ram them. Then target Delta Group, set ELS to 75/0 and destroy them in the same manner. You have 12 missiles, so there should be enough to go around, even if you miss once or twice. By this time the FRT and CRV will have hypered out, and the mission will be complete. The important thing is to finish all the ships in each group before moving on to the next.

For maximum points, dogfight the remaining T/F Alpha Group that has been launched from the STD and, finally, take out the STD itself.