Tactical Operations Briefing: TOD 3 Mission 10, Briefing 2

Guard Vital Supply Depot

The first thing that you need to do at missions start is the classic "charge up shields & guns" then set your ELS to 75/50 before charging the frigate. Assign the FRG to your wingmen and take care of the TIE bombers. Only destroy three of the four T/Bs in each squadron and damage the last ship in each group. Once you have one bomber from flight groups Alpha, Beta, and Gamma, no more T/Bs will come until they are destroyed. The three bombers will take their time flying towards the Imperial Frigate until they group themselves up and make a suicide run on one of the cargo containers. By that time the FRG will hyperspace out, and a little later the A-wings will arrive. Since this mission had three versions, the FRG may hyperspace in much too close for you to takeout the bombers in time, just fly the mission until the frigate is further away from the containers.
Author: Sam P. (SX Glory)
Strategy: Sam P.