Tactical Operations Briefing: TOD 3 Mission 11

Defend the Independence

At the start of the mission, set ELS to 50/50. Target the Independence and set to memory F5 (hit [SHIFT-F5]). Target the Star Destroyer and set to F6. Now go in at normal speed (100 MGLT) towards T/B Alpha, Beta, or Gamma. These three flight groups attack the Independence. Keep your eyes on the other groups, but don't pay too much attention to them unless you're actually engaged. You'll want to either have your lasers in dual fire mode or completely linked. As soon as you take out any one T/B from those groups (or start engaging the other ships that may attack you), set ELS to 100/50. Although this decreases speed, it more than makes up for it in your ability to keep lasers at full and dump laser power to shields (') when necessary.

After dealing with the T/Bs from Alpha, Beta, and Gamma, go about taking out any other T/Bs or GUNs that happen to be wandering about. Always keep your eyes on your Missile Lock indicator (this can be the difference between life and vacuum!).

Once you've rounded up all the T/Bs or GUNs that may pose a threat to you, the CRS should have already jumped to hyperspace. If not, move into escort formation and wait until it does. When it jumps, your mission is complete. But wait! There's a fairly appealing Star Destroyer just waiting to be picked off.

After making sure your shields are at 200% and lasers at full, set ELS back to 50/50 and make your way towards the Star Destroyer. Switch to proton torpedoes and link them. Get up close and shoot two torpedoes at each shield tower. Do not miss! Make sure you're close enough so that you won't. Then switch over to lasers, set them for quad fire, and fire two volleys into each tower. Viola! The Star Destroyer's shields are down. Now you have another problem: T/B Eta and T/I Zeta.

Take out Eta first. They have the missiles, so they're an even bigger threat. It helps if you don't actually destroy them. Hit them each with four lasers. This will cause them to retreat back to the Star Destroyer, giving you time to deal with the T/Is. You'll want to kill off the T/Is quickly before the next wave of T/Bs arrives. Use quad lasers.

After finishing off the first wave of T/Is, another waveŚof courseŚwill appear. Take them out too. By this time, the T/Bs should be on their way to their second wave. Continue to deal with them in the same manner. Once you've wiped them out, it's time to finish the Star Destroyer.

In X-wing, there are no annoying exhaust fumes from the drives of the Star Destroyer like there are in XvT. Make your way around to the rear of the ship and skim along the engines, pelting it with single laser fire. Before you know it, the Star Destroyer will be exploding before your eyes. As soon as you see 'STD Immortal has been destroyed,' feel free to make the jump to lightspeed.

Author:  Ryan McClure  (Arakyd - Buccaneer Six)
Strategy:  Ryan McClure