Tactical Operations Briefing: TOD 3 Mission 14

Death Star Trench Run

The death star trench run can be as hard or easy as you make it. It is best to kill all of the TIE first. Set Lasers to fire linked, ELS setting of 75/50 or 100/50 and destroy all of the T/Fs. Generally one good shot each will fry them! The TIE Advanced can be a pain. Set Lasers to 75 or 100% and Shields to 0% making sure you transfer power from Lasers to Shields as often as needed to keep your shields charged. After one of them has made a pass by you track it from behind and fire on it as soon as you can, normally you can hit it 2/3 times on the way out and with a bit of luck you will see its shields go down for a second, keep on at this one until it is gone, if you don't its shields will build up again!

There are different ways of handling the Trench run. The accepted practice is to turn left above the trench and stay just out of Laser Tower range (about 1.5 klicks high), close the S Foil Wings (as you don't need the lasers), set weapons to dual torp firing, as you fly above the trench you will see it come to a point, aim for that area, set Lasers to 75% &aA Shields to 0%, transfering power all the way to maintain full shield power. As you approach the end of the trench you will see what looks like a "dog leg" at the end, drop down before that point by diving down vertically, but increase Lasers setting to 100%.

Once in the trench a countdown will appear in your CMD which will tell you when you when to fire. You have to keep transfering power all the way.

You may also want to fly this mission with detail set at the lowest setting, the trench is much easier to navigate this way.