Tactical Operations Briefing: TOD 3 Mission 2

Destroy Repair Dock

OK, On startup set the ELS systems to 100/50 and dump all laser power to your shields, rebalance and dump power to them often during the mission. Locate the FRT (there is only one) and fire six torpedoes into it. At mission start it is very close so you should do this first.

Next take out the three Omega SHUs, their shields are down so lasers will do the job very quickly. Next kill the 4 Lambda TRNs, they are disabled so should not present any problems. By this time the FRG will have arrived and will be sending fighters and bombers to attack you. You are half way to completing the mission now.

The Y-Wing can take missile hits without too many problems so long as you remember to keep the outer shields fully charged. There are three fighter groups left to kill to complete the mission as follows: T/Bs Zeta (6 of them), T/Bs Gamma (2 of them) and T/Fs Delta (3 of them). None of them have back up waves, so use the dogfighting mode of the Y-Wing, ELS of 100/25 and dual lasers. You will still have 2 torps left unless you used them on the TRN as well. The Y-Wing is a very accurate fighter so use it to your advantage, run away from the CRV and FRG to buy yourself some more time and not risk getting fried by either. The Fighters will come looking for you.