Tactical Operations Briefing: TOD 3 Mission 4


"Pre-emptive strikes are the order of the day in this mission-- or, to wit, the only good T/B is a dead one.", said Kallysto, Corsair XO, lecturing from the holoprojector.

"The start of the mission has you scrambling to defend the Defiance against four T/Is and six T/Bs. Ignore them, because your wingmen and the two A-wings are perfectly capable of handling them. Not to mention they're shortly in range of the CRS's guns, so they're no real threat."

"What is the threat, however, are the two flights of 6 T/Bs (Alpha and Delta) coming into attack range. Target Delta first, (I recommend saving Alpha 2 and Delta 1 in your targeting computer) and then set ELS to 0/0, remembering to set full throttle. Set torpedoes and try and take out one or two of the T/Bs in Delta (the closer set) with up to half of your available torpedoes, then go to guns in dual or quad fire. ELS 100/0 will charge your lasers the fastest. The most important thing to do is to get them to break formation, spoiling their attack run-- damaging them to 'Hull Dmg' should do the trick."

"By the time you destroy Delta flight, Alpha flight should be right on top of you. Use your remaining torps to kill as many of that flight as possible before going back to guns. The object is to stop them from firing their torpedoes at the Defiance, natch."

"With Alpha and Delta destroyed, cruise back to the Defiance until the ISD comes back again. This time, don't destroy all four of Beta Flight's T/Bs-- kill two and hull damage the other two. This will prevent the ISD from launching further flights of T/Bs.

"Pick at the T/Is until the Defiance jumps out of the system. If you're feeling adventurous, shoot the ISD-- you'll get an additional 12 T/Is out of it, and another six T/Bs once you take down the first shield tower. The Immortal won't be an easy kill, but not impossible if you want to go for the points..."

Author: Jeff Young (Kallysto - Corsair 11)
Strategy: Jeff Young