Tactical Operations Briefing: TOD 3 Mission 5

Intercept and Capture

To complete this mission, the CRV must be disabled and GUN group Rho must be destroyed to prevent it from destroying the rescue SHU. At mission start, set ELS 100/50 and link torpedoes, target the CRV and fire 4 torpedoes when you get a red lock. This will bring the CRVs shields down. Avoid enemy fire until you get in range, and fire linked ion cannons until the CRV is disabled. Set ELS 100/0 and linked lasers for dogfighting. Remember to recharge and rebalance your shields often. You will be attacked by multiple T/Fs, T/Is and GUN group Tau, but the real priority is to destroy the Rho GUNs, as they will try to destroy the SHU. You may destroy the Rho GUNs with linked torpedoes, two for each, or just use lasers. Once they have been destroyed, you may concentrate on the other enemy ships. All other craft will only threaten you, and the SHU will be able to make the jump to lightspeed.

Alternately, you could save a few torpedoes and go after the STD. Remember to destroy the CRV once the mission is complete for extra points!