Tactical Operations Briefing: TOD 3 Mission 7

Destroy Priam's Escort

You do not have to kill any of the mines if you don't want to. There are only four things to do to complete this mission: kill the three CRVs and the one TRN. The way to do it is this: Assign the first two CRVs to memory and tell your Y-Wing buddy to go after the second CRV while you fire six torpedoes into the first. Six torpedoes are all you need to kill a CRV. Then join your wingman and finish of the second CRV using linked laser fire. Three minutes into the mission TRN Omega will arrive with another CRV, tell your wingman to attack the CRV while you kill the TRN first you can use your last two torpedoes if you wish and then help your Wingman finish of the CRV, the mission will then be complete.

If you get bored you can destroy the mines, FRG, T/Fs and the T/Bs that arrive after you have killed the third CRV.