Tactical Operations Briefing: TOD 4 Mission 11

Capture Ghorin's Y-wings

This mission is far from simple. What is difficult is dogfighting the Y-wings using slow moving ion cannons.

Take the opportunity early on in this mission to build up your laser and shield charge. When the Halifax and escorting Y-wings enter the mission head for them. Target the CRV Halifax and switch over to torpedoes. Fire four torps at the Halifax to drop its shields down. Then switch over to ion cannons and engage the Y-wings. There are six Y-wings total. At least one from each flightgroup of Alpha, Beta, and Gamma must be disabled and then captured. You will try and disable them all.

Each of the Y-wing groups have the shuttles and transport ships as secondary targets. They will try and disable or destroy them so they cannot complete their mission. That is why you want to disable all of Ghorin's Y-wings and not disable one and destroy the other. The author suggests dogfighting the Y-wings at 100/50 lasers and shields. There are six total, and no follow up waves. If you see any Y-wing's going after the shuttles or transport head after them, one torpedo will drop the shields on a Y-wing. After you have disabled the Y-wings then disable the CRV Halifax.

When the TRN Storm has finished docking with the Halifax then skuttle the CRV. Imperial Gunboats will arrive about 8 minutes after the CRS Maria arrived. All of the Rebel ships should have boarded the cruiser by that time and safely entered hyperspace if you have been quick enough. There are 8 waves of 6 GUNs each - a formidable force if you decide to stay and fight them. You can safely end the mission after the CRS Maria has entered hyperspace.

Author:  (Vidster - Rogue 2)