Tactical Operations Briefing: TOD 4 Operation 16A

Escort Convoy to Jump Point

At mission start, set your throttle to full and lasers to "increased" and keep heading straight away from your convoy. Gunboats will arrive near the buoy ahead of you. There are three waves of 4 gunships to destroy - order your wingman to attack them as quickly as possible. By the time you're working your way through the third wave, you will be near the convoy. About that time the Frigate will arrive and begin launching TIE Interceptors and Bombers. If there are few enough Gunboats remaining, you can leave your wingman behind to mop them up.

Assign TIE Bombers - Alpha 1 & 2 to memory (and eventually Gamma 1 & 2), set engines to full power and make head for the Alphas (they're closer to the Convoy). You'll have to avoid the Interceptors - then divert power back to full lasers as you approach the Bombers. Use lasers to damage them one at a time, then go after the Gamma Bombers. Use your concussion missiles if the Bombers are too far away and getting ready to unload on the Convoy. If they are scoring too many hits on you, you can destroy the Interceptors to get them off your back. Keep dumping power to your shields from your lasers as required. You can't out run the Interceptors, but you only need to damage them with a couple of shots. Keep an eye on your convoy, but once the Bombers are damaged, there is little threat left to them... it's just a matter of keeping the Interceptors busy until the convoy makes the jump to hyperspace.