Tactical Operations Briefing: TOD 4 Operation 18

Capture Imperial Gunboats

This mission isn't hugely difficult, but this Tac Op will help keep down the amount of damage you take at any one point of time. Just go step by step. First, send your wingman out after a Bomber. Continue to take out Bombers until they're all gone. Then pick a Corvette, send 4 missiles its way, then use your Ions to disable it. If you need to, fly away and recharge; time's nothing major in this mission. When you're ready, disable another CRV with 4 missiles and Ions, then I'd recommend taking out the mines. After that, you can hide in the Corvette's engines and disable it.

Next, disable GUNs until the Imperial Shuttles show up. You do not need to disable any more than what makes the two groups of Shuttles arrive. Then disable the Imperial Shuttles, sit until the mission's done, and then blow everything up.