Tactical Operations Briefing: TOD 4 Operation 19

Capture Corvette X

Cycle through your CMD and assign the fifth CRV to memory position one and the one above/below it to memory position two. Head towards them and when you are 2 klicks away tell you Wingmen to wait. Take out the mines first and then release your Wingmen. Lock onto the memory position 2 CRV and attack it from the rear with Lasers only. After that is destroyed and you have killed the GUNs lock onto the memory 1 CRV, drop its shields with Lasers only again and then disable it with your ION cannons. Identify it and the capture TRN will arrive, assign it to memory 3 (for quick location) and wait nearby it for the GUNs to arrive. The GUNs will only target the TRN. When they arrive switch to dual fire torpedoes and head straight towards them. They will take a direct line to the TRN. At 1 klick from the first targeted GUN fire a pair of torpedoes, this will take him out as he will fly straight into them. Loop round and fire another pair into the rear of the second one, disable the third one with your Ion cannons, this will prevent any more GUNs comming in to attack the TRN so you should be able to complete it with ease now. Watch out for the lone GUN called Tau that arrives when the CRV is boarded it has orders to kill both the CRV and you.