Tactical Operations Briefing: TOD 4 Operation 2

Provide Area Protection

"Evacuating more of the base crew from Yavin is what you are tasked with in this mission," announced Kallysto, Corsair's XO.

"Like any early mission, this one's relatively tame. All you really need is a good wingman."

"To make this mission a piece of cake, fly with a TopAce wingman." (this is not possible in XWCS) The holoactor-trainer shrugged. "Yeah, I know, it's cheating, but the Alliance needs all the help it can get, some days."

"Order your Wingman to attack the GUNs, and forget about them, and him. Stick with the SHUs, TRNs, and FRTs as they hyper in and stay with them as they move from Nav 1 and Nav 2."

"Watch out for the enemy TRNs which hyper in-- those are dangerous for two reasons-- one, they're packing torpedoes, and two, they're invisble to your 'nearest opponent' key, 'R'. There are two sets of them, coming about seven minutes apart. While your wingman is busy keeping the GUNs busy, trash the transports."

"That's all there is to it."

"Some additional notes: never follow behind a TRN too closely- they have a tendency to slam back into you when you destroy them. The same goes for GUNs-- you'd wonder if they pack neutron star material in those engines."

"Linked torpedoes will destroy a TRN, but you shouldn't waste all your torps on the first batch. You can switch to ELS 100/100 and go to guns after fragging the first one."

"Good luck, and good hunting."

Author: Jeff Young (Kallysto - Corsair 11)
Strategy: Jeff Young