Tactical Operations Briefing: TOD 4 Operation 3

Evacuate the CRS Maximus

The mission objectives here are to protect the four transport craft that are evacuating the CRS Maximus and to ensure that they make their way safely to hyperspace. (Mission critical craft : 2 SHU and 2 TRN) While this mission isn't impossible, it doesn't take much for you to fail it.

At mission start, set your ELS to 0/50 and head strait for the Maximus. Don't even bother trying to kill the T/B's attacking it (Alpha and Delta), you'll still be 15km out when it is destroyed. Also ignore the T/F's that are closest to you (Gamma) and that are attacking A-wing Blue. What is an immediate threat to the SHU (they are the first ones that will be attacked) is T/F Theta. So intercept them quickly and destroy them. Right after that, T/B's Alpha and Delta will start attacking the SHU, (they go after them as soon as the Maximus is destroyed) but will be so far away from them that you have time to kill Theta group and then easily take them out.

The danger in all this is that T/F Gamma and T/I's Beta and Eta will be going after you, ruthlessly pummeling the rear of your craft with lasers. Avoid engaging them until Theta and the T/B's are destroyed, or until the TRNs and SHUs are gone.

When all of the evacuation ships have left the area, all of the fighters will be attacking you, so watch your back.

You can hyper out at this point or simply blast every Tie craft to debris and then go after the STD Nigil.

There are a total of 29 craft to destroy in this mission:

12 Tie Interceptors
8 Tie Fighters
9 Tie Bombers
1 Star Destroyer

Once that is done, hyper out and know that the Maximus has been avenged.

Author: Marc Desrosiers (Prowler-Buccaneer 5)
Strategy: Marc Desrosiers