Tactical Operations Briefing: TOD 4 Operation 4

Protect FRG Anvil

To complete this mission, you must fly ACP (Aerospace Combat Patrol) for the FRG Anvil as it is re-supplied by the CRV Lauhu.

As soon as you enter the mission, set your ELS 0/100 and target the Anvil. Turn to the right and set your course so that you are pointing about 50 to the right of the Anvil. By now the CRV Lauhu should have the entered the area and docked with the Anvil. A few moment later, four GUNs will enter the area, 15 km away from you or so, and will start an attack run on the Anvil. You are currently heading strait towards them, so keep the same heading and close.

Engage the lead GUN with a pair of missiles and then set your ELS to 100/50 and take him out as well as his three wingmen.

Once the GUNs are dispatched, set ELS to 0/50 and hightail towards the Anvil, because the FRG Firelance will be entering the area in a matter of seconds, directly opposite from where you are, based on your position from the Anvil. 3 T/B's and 3 T/I's will launch from it. Ignore the T/I's and take out the bombers ASAP. Don't bother attacking the enemy FRG either; it will be hypering out in a matter of seconds. If you can manage to take out the T/I's before the Firelance pops into the area again, good. Otherwise, leave them for your wingmen to pick off and jet for the enemy FRG as soon as it arrives.

Again, it will launch 3 T/B's and 3 T/I's and then enter hyperspace. Once more, take out the bombers as quickly as you can and then pick the T/I's apart until the Firelance enters the area for the third and last time. However, this time only 2 groups of 2 T/B's will launch, but they will have 2 follow-up waves. Pick them off at close range with missiles and then kill the rest with lasers. If there are any remaining T/I's from the previous Imperial fighter groups, take them out and then wait, if this has not already occurred, for the CRV Lauhu and the FRG Anvil to hyper out.

The only Imperial craft remaining in the area is the Firelance and you can try to take it out, but there is too little time to destroy it before it hypers out.

Total of possible kills in this mission
4 Gunboats
18 Tie Bombers
6 Tie Interceptors

Author: Marc Desrosiers (Prowler-Buccaneer 5)
Strategy: Marc Desrosiers