Tactical Operations Briefing: TOD 4 Operation 5

Abandon Ship!

To win this mission, you must ensure that three transports and one CRV, the Hart, dock with the now-decommissioned FRG Anvil. It's not a difficult task, if know how.

At mission start, set your ELS at 0/100 and head for the Anvil. The transports and the CRV Hart will arrive shortly after and begin their tasks. Five minutes or so into the mission, three GUNs from flight group Mu will enter the area. Take them out ASAP.

Following them will be two waves of two enemies TRNs, eliminate them as well. A minute or so after that, the CRV Viper 7 will enter the area, four km away from the Anvil and will start an attack run against it. Order your wingmen to attack it and then go after it as well. Do NOT use torpedoes against it, you will need them later. Once the CRV is destroyed, you will have several minutes to breathe calmly. Use them wisely.

First of all, in the game briefing, Dodonna suggests that you wait for the CRV Hart to have finished docking before you scuttle it. That's basically a good idea; you wouldn't want to kill the crew that is aboard the Anvil, after all. However, there is nothing preventing you of damaging the Anvil so that it will be shorter to kill it later on. Fire at it until it has a status of HULL DAMAGED and then stop. Wait until the Hart is done docking and then finish off the Anvil. This is the part where a few people get tricked, albeit not many of them.

Head for the nav buoy that lies 10 km away or so and be ready to intercept some enemy forces.

In a few minutes, two CRVs from group Viper will enter the area on a course to intercept the Hart. They're 9km away from it, so it's not in any danger. If you destroy the CRVs, that is.

Order your wingmen to attack one of the CRVs and then target the other one. Fire three of your unspent torpedoes at it and then destroy it with lasers. Then fire two torpedoes into the last CRV if it is not destroyed. Those torpedoes should kill it.

Last of all, five waves of three GUNs will enter the area near the buoy and attack the Hart.

Take them out quickly and then wait for the Hart to enter hyperspace. (It will jump out near the nav buoy.)

Number of craft to destroy in this mission:
18 Gunboats
4 Transports
3 Corvettes

Author: Marc Desrosiers (Prowler-Buccaneer 5)
Strategy: Marc Desrosiers