Tactical Operations Briefing: TOD 4 Operation 8b

Destroy Comm Area

A simple mission, really. All it requires to complete is decent dogfighting skills and a bit of knowledge of corvette blindspots.

In the briefing the game offers, you see that a group of Y-wings from Blue will assist you in completing this mission. The problem is that the only thing that they do is rob you from extra easily-gained points.

Therefore, when you enter the mission, send the Y-wings home (Shift + H). Set your ELS to 100/50 after that and target the CRV that should be within your viewscreen. If not, cycle through the CMD to target it. Then switch to torpedoes and fire all six of them at it when you get a red lock. All the torpedoes should hit and destroy it. Now target the lead Gunboat (Nu 1) that is heading for you and destroy it and its wingmen. A new wave of GUNs from Nu should enter the area and will then head for you. Destroy them as well.

Then proceed with you objectives. Destroy the minefield and the satellite. Keep your ELS at 100/50 and weave around, firing when a mine presents itself in front of you. Just don't fly in a strait line.

When the minefield and the satellite are destroyed, target the third wave of GUNs from Nu, which should be within 5km from you, destroy them.

During the period of time in which you were dealing with the Gunboats and the mines, two Imperial corvettes and one freighter entered the area, one of them on the fringes of the minefield and the other 5km away.

Take your X-wing for a ride in blindspot country by settling right behind the engines of the CRV's and blasting them away. Be careful though, they often change direction. Then destroy the FRT and hyper out.

Number of hostile craft to destroy in this mission :
9 Gunboats
15 mines
1 satellite
3 Corvettes
1 Freighter

Author: Marc Desrosiers (Prowler-Buccaneer 5)
Strategy: Marc Desrosiers