Tactical Operations Briefing: TOD 5 Mission 12

Intercept Imperial Attack

When this mission starts put Lasers one above normal and transfer energy to the shields (not all of it thou, you'll need to disable *alot* of ships in this mission).

The GUNs are already disabling Jess 9 and there's nothing you can do about that (at the moment), so don't sweat it. Just head straight towards it and watch out for the GUNs they'll be right behind you. Tell your wingman to kill them. When Jess 9 is disabled there will come in another FRT (Imperial) shoot two or three torpedoes in it and shoot a couple of times with the ION cannon to disable it. Here's where the fun part begins! Tell your wingman to help you kill all the GUNs that are soaring around. Try to disable most of them because then there won't come anymore of them. Then order the Wingman home (because if you don't he'll kill every red dot in the area). That's pretty much it watch Jess 6 board Jess 9 and after 9 goes home kill the Imperial FRT, now a bunch of TRNs hyper in and would have destroyed your FRT with torpedoes if you had blown up the Imperial FRT instead of disabling it. Go home or go after the TRNs it's up to you.