Tactical Operations Briefing: TOD 5 Mission 19

Operation "Blunt Stick"

Assign Top Ace status to your three X-Wing pilots who join you after you kill the CON. On startup set shields and laser to 100%, dump all power to shields until full, target the first CON that arrives & fire 4 torps into it, this will bring in your X-Wing backup, reset shields to 50% and take out three GUNS, and disable the others. Then take out some of the mines while the X-Wings are having a go at the CRVs. Give them a hand to finish the CRVs off, but be careful of the T/Bs that come out of the CRVs, their torpedoes are worse than the GUNs missiles. Take out the T/Bs and any remaining CRVs, then finish off the mines and finally the Probe.