Tactical Operations Briefing: X-Wing Historical Mission 5

Rescue at Mon Calamari

The timing on this mission is very tight and you will only have a minute or so left on the clock when you finish it. The main goal is to ID the FRT/CONs that are carrying the Calamari, they are CON XI and FRT Wiggins. There are two CON XIs so make sure you ID them before you blow the others away. Once you have IDed them protect the Y-Wings until they leave because if one dies then the mission is classed as a failure. Tell your Wingman to go after the T/Fs when you take out the other CON/FRTs.

Watch out for the STD that comes in and launches T/Bs, this is the main threat. Intercept them as early as possible, this mission will teach you good use of the E/L/S setting for the X-Wing and you will need to play around with them a lot to head the T/Bs off early. Try and take them out before they launch their torps or your mission will be over real quick. Then once the rescue FRTs have left destroy the two disabled CON/FRTs that are left and you will have completed the mission.