Tactical Operations Briefing: TOD 1 Mission 4

Protect Medical Frigate

This mission teaches you a very important lesson in X-Wing, that the TIE Bomber can be a very dangerous animal because of it's ability to fire multiple torpedoes at the same target. The problem with the Corvettes is that they have a low tolerance for pain and can be blown away with little effort (see also Destroying Corvettes). Here is a step by step walkthrough of how to accomplish this mission:
  • After coming out of hyperspace set shields and lasers to maximum recharge and divert all energy to the shields using shift-F10.
  • Wait until the Corvette arrives on the scene and holds position and then lock onto it so as it is displayed in your CMD then hit full throttle and fly directly away from it.
  • Now set shields and lasers directed to the engines at maximum (the left hand power bar should be at the top, the others at the bottom) and you will accelerate to 150, during this run keep transfering power from lasers to shields (Shift-F10).
  • A Frigate will appear shortly and dispatch some TIE Fighters. Ignore them and fly past.
  • Instead target the wave of TIE Bombers that appear next. When you are about 2 clicks from them switch maximum recharge back to shields and lasers and set up weapons to fire single torpedoes.
  • Loop behind the TIE Bombers and fire one torpedo at each (your speed will now be 50). Save the other 3 torpedos for later. If you miss with one finish the remainder with dual or quad lasers.
  • When you have killed all three TIE Bombers switch lasers and shields back to engines and head towards the Frigate which will have now moved over to the other side of the Corvette. As you fly, again transfer power from lasers to shields.
  • You will find another three TIE Bombers on their way, take these out the same way as the first set, then polish off the TIE Fighters and the job will be done.

Note: this mission was used by Michael Stackpole in the book X-Wing: Rogue Squadron as a training exercise for the main character in the book.