Destroying Corellian Corvettes

Tactical Operations Briefing 2

By Captain Chris "Electro" Schock, Rogue 13 (Retired)

The Liberty briefing room was once again filled with trainees as Electro strode to the podium. His life partner Kerbe followed at his heels, alert but calm in front of the mass of Alliance freedom fighters, none of whom were in any way threatening him.

The briefing room was a converted holo-theatre from the days when the Liberty had been a cruise ship in the Calamari fleet. The Alliance Logo shimmered in the background as Electro adjusted the lectern microphone. It slowly faded to be replaced by the holographic representation of a Blockade Runner, also know as a Corellian Corvette (CRV).

"Welcome to the Liberty and the Rogue Squadron Tactical Operations lecture series. This morning we will be discussing the correct technique for destroying Corvettes."

"The Corvette is not technically considered a capital ship, serving as an escort vessel or command ship for small operations. It carries an armament of two dual laser turrets and shielding equivalent to a standard bulk freighter."

"As such, it is no match for larger ships such as the Frigate or our Cruisers. However, when faced alone by a snub fighter such as the X-Wing it can be a difficult opponent if you are not fully aware of its strengths and weaknesses. Today I hope to so prepare you."

"There are several different approaches to attacking a Corvette. Some are applicable to any fighter. We'll be discussing all of the techniques."

"The easiest method for dispatching a Corvette is to use proton torpedoes. With the relatively light shielding of the corvette only six torpedoes will destroy it. As such, a fully armed X-Wing, B-Wing or Y-Wing can execute a standoff attack from long range witout ever coming into gunnery range of the Corvette. This is the preferred attack method whenever possible."

"In those cases where you are short on torpedoes or are attacking in an A-Wing other tactics are appropriate. If attacking a lone Corvette it is important to note that it has a large blind spot in its laser battery coverage. When approached from dead astern with the engine nacelles lined up completely square in your scopes the Corvette will be unable to hit you. This is due to the bulk of the engine compartment and the low mounted turrets fore of the bulkhead."

"If unescorted you can slip in directly behind a Corvette and simply fire on it from the blind spot with lasers until it is destroyed. Even against an escorted CRV you can make strafing passes into the blind spot and then retreat while avoiding covering fire."

"The following flight recorder film will demonstrate a laser attack on a lone Corvette." Electro pressed a switch on the podium and the holo projector played back flight recorder film of an A-Wing making a solo attack on a Corvette.

Kerbe sat next to Electro and distractedly nudged his leg. As the recording played he reached down to scratch behind her ear flaps. Her tail twitched in silent happiness. The recorder film wound to an end.

"As you can see a correctly executed attack exposes the pilot to very little danger. Downloading training simulation mission CRV-1 will allow you to practice an unaided attack run on two Corvettes in an X-Wing. You should have little trouble completing the mission with the techniques I've described today."

"Thank you for your attention, and may the Force be with you."