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LT COL  9-LOM "Syntax" (modified Industrial Automaton LOM protocol droid)

Corsair One

Squadron Citation Ribbon x5 Renegade Wing Defense Ribbon-Dual Cluster Elite Service Ribbon with Bronze Gilt Border Order of the Jedi Honour of the RepublicAiTOD Campaign Ribbon with Silver Cluster

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Recon/Interception.
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Infiltration
Combat Specialty Capital Ship Assault
Side Arm Modified DXR-6 disruptor rifle and Czerka AM-125 machine pistol
Favourite Beverage Hot Oil
Physical Description Height: 1.8meters, Weight: 68kg,
Age: 45 standard years


Created on Kuat, 9-LOM was the property of a wealthy royal and her husband. However, the programming glitches which plagued other LOM protocol droids, such as 4-LOM, slowly began to make themselves apparent in 9-LOM. It started when he was asked to fetch the evening meal. When asked, 9-LOM was compelled to disobey his orders, suddenly feeling that he was above the level of taking orders. 9-LOM would have killed his master, but his programming inhibited it. However, he did leave his owners, and, being in close proximity of the Kuat Drive Yards, stole a B-Wing. Afterward, 9-LOM struck out on his own, working as an information broker, until he caught wind of 4-LOM. 9-LOM was contacted by a crimelord, who offered to adapt him to work for him as a bounty hunter. 9-LOM agreed, but unlike his predecessor, 4-LOM, he used his newfound programming to kill the crimelord, and all other hunters who worked for him. At this point, 9-LOM had found his objective: to work as a "bounty hunter's bounty hunter". He decided that he would work against all bounty hunters, sabotaging their hunts, tipping off fleets to captured dignitaries' positions, and killing the hunters when possible. After extensive modifications to himself and his B-Wing, 9-LOM went into business, taking out approximately 26 hunters before the start of the Galactic Civil War. By this time, 9-LOM had stopped doing his work out of conscience, and was fully in it for the substantial pay he was receiving. 9-LOM had also evolved well beyond his normal programming, much like 4-LOM had, evolving a sense of humor, as well as lightning-fast reflexes, and random "emotions", such as rage, and a near-equivalent of fear, which he never showed anyway. However, 9-LOM did not evolve the "intuition" which his counterpart seemed to get. Just before the Battle of Hoth, 9-LOM was asked to ferry a member of the Rebel Alliance to a dropoff point, where the dignitary would be taken from to Hoth Base. On his way to the drop point, however, 9-LOM was ambushed by a group of 4 TIE fighters, and was forced to land near a backwater planet on the Rim. 9-LOM managed to take out 2 of the TIEs before crashing his B-wing and its Rebel occupant on the planet, taking out another TIE in the process. 9-LOM shot down the final TIE using his disruptor rifle, and was later rescued by other Rebel forces. Upon seeing 9-LOM's handiwork, the Rebel dignitary attempted to recruit him for work in the Rebel Alliance's starfighter squadrons, noting how well he had handled the TIEs. 9-LOM accepted, knowing that the Alliance would pay better than any third-party member ever would, and that more bounty hunters attack Rebel craft then Imperial craft. 9-LOM was taken to Hoth, with his B-Wing, and worked as a shuttle pilot during the evacuation, but did not actually fight in the planetside Battle of Hoth. Prior to the Battle of Hoth, 9-LOM worked in the Alliance's SpecForces, and was later transferred to the Infiltrators, where he completed many successful operations with the team.

9-LOM's personality is mainly that of an analytical machine, but he does allow his sense of humor and rage to take over occasionally when the action starts to heat up. His primary strength is his being a machine, while his biggest weakness is the fear that he may one day be captured and reprogrammed to be the protocol droid he once was. Modifications to 9-LOM include enhanced servomotors, allowing him more flexibility in his joints than other protocol droids, as well as enhanced optical sensors and reflexes. Other modifications include a concealed two-shot blaster hidden in his right forearm, and a pair of knives concealed in his thighs. Modifications to his disruptor rifle include an extendible stock, high-capacity powerpack, and a custom-built stunner mounted on the underside of the rifle, so that 9-LOM doesn't always have to turn his targets into smoking piles of ash. 9-LOM also uses a Czerka AM-125 machine pistol, which has a rotating clip that houses 4 types of slugthrower ammunition.

Iron Star

Order of The Jedi

Honour of the Republic

AiTOD Campaign Medal with Silver Cluster