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If you ever need to know what's new in Renegade Wing or in the Star Wars Universe, this is the place to look. Website updates and selected news regarding Star Wars and its general gaming community will be reported here. Just skim down to the last time you visited and you'll be able to pinpoint the new things in a flash. Then scramble to the closest MC80B and take a look!

Been a while since you've been onboard?  Us too! Check out the Library for Bridge archives.

1 Nov 2014

  • Been a long time in Space Dock!  Final refit and Space Trials upcoming
  • X-Wing and Tie Fighter have been rereleased for digital download, go to Good Old Games and get your DRM Free copies now!  Then get back here and check out the Tactical Operations section to fight your way to Top Ace!

26 Oct 2009

  • Woah! 6 Years! Really? You guys left me in carbonite for 6 Years!! Take a look at this place, the wiring's fried, half the relays are out and I don't know how we'll get the hyperdrive online... Boy, we've got some work ahead of us.

20 Apr 2003

  • Tactical Operations. The Vigilant's TacOps Database is finally back online. This also marks the start of some increased activity aboard The Vigilant as the crew gears up for action in the form of Star Wars Galaxies. Watch this space.

20 Oct 2002

  • Domain Name Change - Due to a minor communications glitch our domain name was undirected after the rent fell due ;) Anyway, we're back thanks to Bill 'Owtlaw' Bradley and the Staff down at the ever friendly Mos Eisley Cantina. A big thank you to Blue Horizon Enterprises... again
  • SWG News - Space Expansion - The much-anticipated first add-on for the Star Wars Galaxies series will introduce personal starships and starfighters, which can be used for interplanetary travel or space combat. The expansion also promises additional worlds, playable species, non-player characters, new creatures, and more!

    “The staggered release schedule of the space component of the Star Wars Galaxies series will benefit players because they will have time to establish their characters and explore different elements of the core game before we add the space layer,” says Rich Vogel, director of development at Sony Online Entertainment’s Austin studio. “Once the space component becomes available, players who have been with us since the beginning will be ready to buy their own starships and launch into this new arena.”

12 May 2002

  • They say change is as good as a holiday... changed the view from the main portholes. General housekeeping.

    24 Feb 2002

  • Updated Bio page for Rogue Leader.
  • Updated pilot designators in the Halls of Honour.

    23 Feb 2002

  • Communications re-established. A covert Imperial attack on our hosts server forced the shutdown of FTP services. This has been rectified and normal operations will now resume.
  • Site maintainance: Links from Squadrons to Halls of Honour fixed, Task Force pages updated, Contact e-mail changed for Rogue and Corsair Recruiting
  • 30 Jan 2002

  • Michael 'Mighty' Tolle has transferred at own request. Captain Tolle has moved from Rogue Squadron to his original billet with Buccaneer, now with the added responsibility of Executive Officer. Although newly promoted, the Wing CO has ratified Mighty's further promotion to the rank of Major.
  • LT COL Marc 'Prowler' Desrosiers has taken on the added appointment of Tactical Operations Database Management, so all you hotshots with the 'only way' to fly that mission, make sure you send a copy of your flight log over and get yourself some recognition.

28 Jan 2002

  • After heavy losses at the Battle of Endor High Command has been forced to make changes within the leadership of Renegade Wing, in particular the CO positions of Renegade Wing, Rogue & Buccaneer Squadrons

    In accordance with the wishes of High Command, newly promoted Colonel Chris “Jalb_k” Reynolds has accepted Command of Renegade Wing. He has transferred from his position as Corsair CO and now occupies the Rogue CO position.

    Newly promoted Lt. Colonel Matt “Krayt” Houseman has moved into the position Renegade Wing XO, and continues to hold the position of Rogue XO.

    Replacing Col. Reynolds as Commander of Corsair Squadron, newly promoted Lt. Col 9LOM 'Syntax' has assumed command of Corsair.

    Major Desrosiers has performed exemplary as CO of Buccaneer Squadron, and will continue to do so, now as Lt. Colonel Marc “Prowler” Desrosiers.

    While not assuming an official command position at this time, the long time commitment to Renegade Wing and exemplary performance has earned 1st Lt. Michael 'Mighty' Tolle a promotion to Captain.

24 Jan 2002

  • R2-I3 - Icarus is the latest addition to the Droid Pool. Icarus comes to us fresh from the Vigilant's tech bay with a certified 100% serviceable and virus free clean bill of health. Our thanks once again to Jasted,RogueFive, for his rendering and bio outline.
  • Absolute positioning added to main frames to alleviate image duplication in high resolution viewing. This will be added to the rest of the site as time permits.
  • 22 Jan 2002

  • Got a view you'd like to see from the Vigilant's ports? Think you've got a graphic that would look good? Just mail the Webmaster and we'll set the co-ordinates to swing by your view.
  • 20 Jan 2002

  • CRS Vigilant goes live.
  • Medium and Heavy Starship and Platform Blindspot Guides for XWA added to the Intel section.
  • 12 new TIE Fighter Combat Chamber TacOp briefings added to the TacOps Database courtesy of Syntax, Rogue Four.
  • Strike Force Battle Ribbon image added to the Coduct and Commendations section of the Medals and Awards pages.