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Buccaneer Squadron Logo
Callsign Nickname Position Duties
Buccaneer Leader Prowler Squadron CO TacOps Editor
Buccaneer 2 Guardian   Loremaster
Buccaneer 3 Nova    
Buccaneer 4 Unassigned    
Buccaneer 5 Mighty Squadron XO  
Buccaneer 6 Unassigned    
Buccaneer 7 Paladin    
Buccaneer 8 Unassigned    
Buccaneer 9 Unassigned    
Buccaneer 10 Unassigned    
Buccaneer 11 Unassigned    
Buccaneer 12 Unassigned    

Squadron Spacecraft

Buccaneer flys the Y-wing and Bwing starfighters, but also has assigned a small complement of Y-Wing variants for specialized assault missions.

Halls of Honor

Major Marc "Prowler" Desrosiers

Buccaneer Squadron Commanding Officer

Squadron Citation Ribbon x5 Renegade Wind Defense Ribbon with dual cluster Elite Service Ribbon with Platinum Pip and Gold Gilt Order of the JediAiTOD Campaign Ribbon with Bronze Star

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Heavy Assault.
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Droid Programming and Repair
Combat Specialty Unarmed combat
Side Arm SSW-Sniper Rifle with sighting device
Favorite Beverage Whyren's Reserve
Physical Description Brown hair, Paired eyes( blue and green) Weight: 70kg, Height: 1.7 meters


Marc was born youngest of two siblings, of a rich couple of wood-manufacturers on Cardooine. At the age of 5, his parents moved to a resort space station and took up residence there. As he grew up, he learned the ways of commerce and the natural spying business that goes with it. His parents also decided that he should learn how to fly. They sent him to the Cardooine Aerospace Academy, where he learned to fly Z-95s and Y-wings. His parents and sister were killed in a freak transport accident when he was 11, leaving him an incredible amount of money by way of their will. At first, he stayed with the Academy where he graduated, but after, he simply flaunted his money on trips around the galaxy.

One day, in the Obroa-Skai system, as his personal shuttle left a docking bay, a Star Destroyer dropped out of hyperspace and took control of the station. Everybody, including him, was taken down to interrogation. As he was young, the Imperials started by a level 15 interrogation, leaving him in fairly good shape afterwards. A guard came in one day to bring him to the transfer turbolift and then he struck. He killed the guard and took the the guard's uniform and the security pass. As he headed out toward a shuttle bay, he saw through a transparisteel window a level-1 interrogation going on. The images of that moment are sealed into his mind forever. He broke into the cell and shot the Intelligence Agent and the stormtrooper inside. He helped the young prisoner, a woman, and brought her with him to the docking bay. He shot two technicians and got on a Skipray BlastBoat. As he took the Skipray into hyperspace, the young woman woke up. Her name was Lyrtia Desori; she was a native of Toprawa and a Rebel Intelligence Agent. She was undecover to find out information on the defense of Obroa-Skai. She explained to him what the Rebel Alliance stood for, and more and more he thought that the ideals of the Rebellion were his ideals as well.

They headed to the Rebel Base on Hoth, where he joined up with the Rebel Alliance. But before he became a pilot, the Empire struck at Hoth. He piloted a Shuttle, carrying Lyrtia and other Intelligence officers, out of the system. After the disaster at Hoth, he joined the Starfighter Division of the RAAF ( Rebel Alliance Armed Forces), where he became a pilot in a month and joined up with Blue Squadron. After six months of hard work and fighting the Empire in Blue Squadron, he applied to be a pilot in the Renegade Wing. He transmitted his application to Corsair Leader, but was denied his application since Corsair Squadron contained a full billet of pilots. Seeing that Buccaneer Squadron had an opening he returned to the simulator and attempted to change his flight qualifications to heavy assault. After another month of intense training, he gained the proper credentials to send an application to Buccaneer Squadron.

Silver Sunburst

Order of The Jedi

AiTOD Campaign Medal with Bronze Star

Captain Adam "Guardian" Burns

Buccaneer Two

Squadron Citation Ribbon x2 Renegade Wing Defense Ribbon-Single Cluster AiTOD Campaign Ribbon with Bronze Cluster

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Heavy Assault.
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Medicine/First Aid
Combat Specialty Fighter Cover, Search and Rescue
Side Arm Hold-out Blaster
Favorite Beverage Ithorian Green Tea
Physical Description Human male, 25 standard, 1.82m, 69kg, blond hair, blue eyes


Adam was born the son of a Clone Wars-era fighter pilot on Ghorman. His father raised him and honed his instincts and hand-eye coordination razor sharp by flying different kinds of airspeeders on his homeworld. While he was still in school with dreams of attending the Imperial Academy, Adam's life abruptly took a huge downward turn when his parents were killed by the then-Captain Tarkin in the infamous Ghorman massacre. Crushed by this turn of events, Adam left his homeworld with his inheritance, his dream shattered.

Adam wound up on the Ithorian herd ship Bazaar, low on money and with no friends. His explorations had made him deadly with a blaster pistol, although he preferred not to use deadly force unless absolutely necessary. On the Bazaar, he was approached by an Ithorian mystic named Kol'tar. Kol'tar took Adam in and began to teach him the healing arts. Two years later, Kol'tar proclaimed him ready for the universe and disappeared into the Mother Jungle.

Adam immediately joined the Alliance, volunteering his services as a medic. He served valiantly in this capacity for several months, until a sudden evacuation of a Rebel base forced him behind the controls of a Y-Wing fighter. For his brilliant flying in the evacuation, as well as his masterful wingman skills (he is an expert at keeping attacking fighters off of friendlies on attack runs) he was christened "Guardian."

Another year passed. Guardian fell in love with another pilot named Cori "Angel" Jocert. The two were pledged to be married. Two weeks before the set date, they were flying their Y-Wings in a cover maneuver for a supply convoy. They were jumped by an overwhelming number of TIE Interceptors launched from two Star Destroyers. The cover flight fought valiantly, and the convoy escaped. The Y-Wings began a fallback maneuver, and Guardian and Angel were the last two pilots left, when Angel's craft was hit hard and died in space.

Guardian snapped and ignored his retreat order, falling into an orbit around the stricken Y-Wing and annihilating any TIE that attacked her. Eventually, the TIEs returned to their command ships, and the Destroyers left. Still, Guardian waited, in case the Imperials returned.

Twenty hours later, an Alliance rescue shuttle arrived. They found Guardian still in his fighter, still patrolling the area, but Angel had died before they got there. To this day, Guardian refuses to discuss the incident with anyone, including the commanders who attempted to debrief them. The onboard computer on Guardian's ship is the only surviving witness, and recorded a terrible tale--Guardian swore to remain with Angel until rescue could arrive, but Angel died of asphyxiation in her cockpit, speaking her last words to Guardian.

What is know is that Guardian has requested a change of duty to an A-wing squadron. His commanders think that he blames the slow speed of the Y-Wing as a major factor in Angel's death, and even when he flew Y-Wings he would land, then (if possible) fly out with any rescue craft heading out. He flew for some time with Corsair Squadron, but his skills in the Y-Wing caused high command to reassign him to Buccaneer Squadron.

In any mission where Buccaneer is not needed, Guardian will automatically volunteer as the rescue pilot. Guardian considers himself to be on duty twenty-four-seven, and, as a consequence, avoids alcohol (unless there is absolutely no chance of flying in the next 24 hours). He is a quiet, withdrawn man who prefers to give others the glory and collect life debts that he never intends to cash in on.

  Silver Sunburst

AiTOD Campaign Medal with Bronze Cluster

2nd Lieutentant Josh "Nova" Caton

Buccaneer Three

Renegade Wing Defense Ribbon-Dual Cluster Regular Service Ribbon with Bronze Pip AiTOD Campaign Ribbon

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Heavy Assault.
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Simulator maintenance and mission design
Combat Specialty Heavy assault
Side Arm Malaxan Firepower Incorporated FWG-7 Flechette Rifle
Favorite Beverage Caridan Hills Ale
Physical Description Human male, 25 standard, black hair, blue eyes, 97.5 kg, 1.8 m tall


Born on Carida, home of the Imperial Academy, Josh Caton grew up at the center of the Empire's war machine. His father Feran was lead instructor in the Academy Starfighter Command's Heavy Assault Division. The elder Caton, highly respected among his fellow officers, excelled at turning green young pilots into the elite of the Old Republic's TIE bomber squadrons.

Feran Caton, however, was never very interested in galactic politics. And as a result, Josh's father remained a loyal military man despite the increasingly authoritarian regime of Palpatine. Even as the first flames of rebellion in the galaxy began to burn, Feran continued training his pilots with little thought about rebel claims of tyranny. Above all, Feran Caton was a soldier and loyal to the Navy that he'd served for so long.

As the son of a flight instructor, Josh had flown sims for as long as he could remember. Josh spent countless hours creating engagements for himself to run on the simulator installed at the Caton family home. His father often commented Josh had more hours in the TIE bomber simulator than half the Navy's active pilots.

Then came Alderaan. At the Caridan Academy, none dared speak openly against Tarkin's heinous act. What happened there was too far away to have much of an impact on the 17-year-old Josh. But it served as a wake-up call to his father.

Feran told Josh he could no longer stomach service in Palpatine's military. For his own conscience's sake, he had to stop contributing to the Emperor's power. Yet at the same time, he was too old simply go AWOL and start a new life. Father and son concocted a story where Josh would steal a shuttle and flee the planet, and Feran would resign from the Imperial Navy in mock "shame" for his son's action, free to live out his twilight years in relative peace. Josh lifted off in the dark of the Caridan night and left his father behind for good.

For the first time, Josh was free to live life outside of the military epicenter, away from the toils of war. Under an assumed identity, he enrolled in the University of Charmath in Farfin Sector. He concentrated his studies on writing and literature. Later in his university career, his military upbringing showed itself, as Josh became interested and took courses in naval tactics and strategy.

While at Charmath, Josh was exposed to the more liberal political element--and supporters of the growing Rebellion. Among his friends was an unusual Verpine named Tulk. A rally supporting the Alliance cause was held one afternoon on the steps of Charmath's Seoni Hall. Josh and Tulk were in the crowd when the Imperial governor decided to put an end to the insurrectionist gathering. Stormtroopers, supported by AT-STs, ordered the crowd to disperse. The students only shouted louder, their cries of tyranny justified by the white-clad army staring them down.

It was never determined who fired the first shot. The riot that ensued claimed nearly a hundred lives. Most of the casualties were students. During the massacre, Josh took a blaster bolt in the arm moving Tulk out of the line of fire. When it was over, the University's doors had been closed by the governor, "pending curriculum review."

Unable to arrest the hundreds who participated in the riot, the governor instead chose to place the humans who rioted on probation, and "deport" alien species. It did not take a Charmath educator to know what the governor meant by "deport."

Josh regretted that he never got to say goodbye to Tulk. But Tulk found a way to say thank you to him. Four days after the riot, Josh showed up in the repair bay he and Tulk had spent so many hours in tinkering with starships. There, amazingly, was a stock B-wing starfighter. How the fighter came to be there Josh might never know. But in the cockpit was a hand-scrawled note from Tulk, written in the best Basic the Verpine's insectoid appendages could manage: "Josh ... take this ... and fight." Josh left Charmath a few credits short of a degree.

Using his student contacts, Josh got in touch with an Alliance recruiter. Soon after, he and his B-wing were assigned to fill a hole in Blue Squadron's bomber wing. After a short stint aboard the Happy Jack, Josh was transferred to the Alliance's elite heavy assault unit, Buccaneer Squadron. While still a relatively green pilot, Josh's natural talent and thoughtful approach to combat help him overcome his inexperience.

His R5 unit, R5-I6 or "Ice," is quick thinking little droid that tends to take everything literally. Josh uses flechette weapons as his primary firearms due to an allergy to most forms of blaster gas.

AiTOD Campaign Medal

Major Michael "Mighty" Tolle

Buccaneer Five (Squadron Executive Officer)

Squadron Citation Ribbon Renegade Wing Defense Ribbon-Dual Cluster Veteran Service Ribbon with Platinum Pip Order of the Jedi

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Heavy Assault.
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Droid Repair
Combat Specialty Capture Operations
Side Arm Blaster
Favorite Beverage Taboo Martini - Shaken not Stirred
Physical Description Human male, 20 years standard, Height: 1.8m, Weight: 81kg, Hair: blonde, Eyes: blue


Mighty was discovered at the Cantina by Rogues 7-9 (Krayt, Hellcat, and Jalb_K). His talent was quickly recognized and it was suggested that he should join the Alliance. Mighty considered the prospect and took them up on it because a steady job was better than mercenary work any day.

Beyond that not much is known about Mighty due to fact that he suffers amnesia. One thing is clear; he has no affiliation with the Empire because of his numerous Imperial kills. Mighty's earliest memories go back 3 years when he became conscious on the Taloraan mining colony. He could not find a single person who knew who he was or how or when he got there. The only thing he had in his possession was a pair of wings that bore his name and a title to an unmarked Y-wing that was in Hanger 25.

Having found only dead ends to the knowledge of his identity in Taloraan he took the Y-wing and flew to Mos Eisley where he encountered many parties seeking mercenaries with starfighters. He took many jobs over the years only refusing bounty hunting missions. He mostly was hired for starfighter defense and taking out capital ships that belonged to the Empire, Black Sun, and other sinister organizations.

Over the next 3 years he took up numerous mercenary jobs for the Airam, Bespinites, and occasionally the Calamari. He has repeatedly demonstrated his ability in the cockpit - "acing out" usually once per sortie. Mighty is best suited in an X-wing although he is a master at piloting all types of craft. Mighty can only hope that some day his memory returns but until then he'll enjoy flying every mission he has a chance at.

Order of The Jedi

1st Lieutenant Robert "Paladin" Hasegawa

Buccaneer 7

Renegade Wind Defense Ribbon Regular Service Ribbon with Crimson Pip

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; Heavy Assault.
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Wilderness Survival
Combat Specialty Hand to Hand Combat
Side Arm BlasTech DL-18; Lomabian Fighting Sword *
Favorite Beverage Locampy Juice
Physical Description Human Male, age 23 standard, 1.58m, 61kg, black hair, brown eyes


Born on the colony of Lomabi into the fighting class. Robert "Paladin" Hasegawa was to be trained to be one of the protectors of the planet. Each warrior receives a battle name at the beginning of his or her training. The name Paladin is translated to "Fighter of the Light." He was given this name because he was pure of heart and will only fight on the side of good against any evil.

Paladin was trained in the skills of hand-to-hand combat, piloting, and wilderness survival which includes the ability to make crude weapons and tools from scratch, tracking, and hunting. It is strenuous training, and only the truest warriors complete it. Also, there is a test that each trainee must take before he can become recognized as a true fighter.

Paladin was in the final part of his training when the Empire came to his world. The Empire seemed nice enough, so the Lomabians agreed to sign a treaty of alliance. However, the Lomabians soon became suspicious when an Imperial garrison was set up and a star destroyer stationed in orbit. When they demanded that the garrison and star destroyer be removed, the Imperials reacted with bloodshed. The Lomabians in turn reacted violently by destroying both the garrison and the star destroyer.

The Lomabians, knowing that the Empire would be back, quickly began evacuation of the planet. Evacuation was in its final group when an Imperial fleet jumped into the system. The cover for the transports was to be in two groups. One group to provide escort for the escaping transports, the other group was to create a diversion for by striking headlong at the Imperials until the last ship jumped out. Paladin was in the diversionary group. This was to be his final test. The fighters threw themselves at the Imperials with ferocity.

Paladin proved himself well in the battle, accounting for more than twenty-five kills. The evacuation was a success, however the Lomabians did take heavy losses, of the eighty ships which were in the diversionary force, only five were able to jump out.

Many of the survivors decided to find a new world to live on away from the curse of the Empire. Paladin on the other hand decided to fight because he knew no one would be safe until the Empire and its evil was defeated. He joined the Alliance hoping that with them he can achieve his goals. Paladin has a strong enthusiasm for the Rebellion and as a friend his loyalty, once gained, is not easy to match. He will be a great help to the Alliance.

* A Lomabian Fighting Sword is made from a light but strong alloy. Its blade works like that of a vibroblade and can cut through stormtrooper armor like a cutting laser through steel. It is activated by its removal from its scabbard. A very effective weapon in close combat.

Platinum Supernova