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Welcome to the Renegade Wing recruiting center. The Renegade Wing is a group of starfighter squadrons permanently attached to the CRS Vigilant. The Vigilant is a Mon Calamari cruiser in the Alliance navy. At full strength it carries five squadrons of starfighters as well as various support vessels in addition to marines and other personnel. Currently the Liberty is the permanent home to three squadrons of starfighters, including the most famous squadron in the Alliance, Rogue.

If you wish to join us in our fight to restore freedom to the galaxy, select the group you wish to join below for detailed entry requirements.

Squadron Skill Level Primary Fighter
Rogue Elite Varies
Buccaneer Veteran (Ace) Y-Wing
Corsair Veteran A-Wing
Renegade Wing Support Staff Any X-Wing game not required

Ranks and Positions

Members of Renegade Wing can be awarded promotions in rank and assigned special positions for outstanding service and performance.

Medals and Awards

Members of the Vigilant can be awarded various