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Callsign Nickname Position Duties
Rogue Leader Jalb_k Wing CO Web Master
Rogue 2 Unassigned    
Rogue 3 Wolfman   News Officer
Rogue 4 Unassigned    
Rogue 5 Jasted    
Rogue 6 Kid   News Officer
Rogue 7 Krayt Squadron/Wing XO Administrator
Rogue 8 Hellcat    
Rogue 9 Unassigned    
Rogue 10 Unassigned    
Rogue 11 Unassigned    
Rogue 12 Darklighter    

Squadron Spacecraft

Rogue Squadron flies the X-Wing primarily, but has A-Wing starfighters available as secondary craft.
  • 12 Incom T-65 A2 X-Wing Starfighters
  • 4 Dodonna/Blissex RZ-1 A-Wing Starfighters
  • R2 Series Astromech Droids
Halls of Honor
  • Click here to see the honors awarded to members of the CRS Liberty.



Colonel Chris "Jalb_k" Reynolds

Rogue Squadron/Renegade Wing Commanding Officer

Renegade Wing Defense Ribbon Veteran Service Ribbon with Platinum Pip Order of the Jedi Top Gun Participation Ribbon - Violet DeviceAiTOD Campaign Ribbon

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; [classified].
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Sublight Drive Tech, Med Tech
Combat Specialty CQB and Demolitions
Side Arm Macquarian Straight Blade and Holdout blaster with modified 3 shot burst
Favorite Beverage Sundowner
Physical Description Human male, age 30 standard, 1.85m, 83kg, brown hair, brown eyes.


Chris Reynolds was born on Macquarie, a remote planet in the Cooramoor Sector of the proximal outer rim territories nearly 30 standard years ago. He grew up in a close family with his parents and two little sisters, whom he doted on and was always there for them whenever they needed the ‘big brother’. His parents were first generation traders and did very well with their import of rare and exotic items that the local Imperial Governor and his sycophantic lackeys enjoyed.

Chris was keenly interested in speed from an early age. If it went fast, it was for him, if it didn’t, he’d find a way to make it. His peers still fondly recall the time he modified a landspeeder with the power pack out of an old TIE Interceptor that had been sent for scrap. The look on the faces of the Troopers that tried to catch him on Speeder Bikes was well worth the discipline infringements. His parents encouraged Chris’s adventurous nature and had given him a second hand T-16 on his 14th birthday. Although it handled like a taun-taun, with a bit of technical and mechanical wizardry, there was nothing that could beat him in a straight sprint (something he capitalised on and made quite a few credits off many a convoy escort visiting dirtside). His prowess as a pilot brought him to the attention of the flight leader of the small Imperial Navy detachment, who took it upon himself to commence Chris’s indoctrination with a view for service at the Academy. Young Lieutenant Piet, misguided in his ideals though he was, was an excellent teacher but also hid a most treacherous and devious soul. Chris excelled in the theory and practice of spaceflight -- his understanding of Battlezone procedure (tactics, logistics and administration) was unheard of in one so young and Piet could see rapid advancement for himself and his protege.

It was unfortunate, yet also prophetic, that in their concern for Chris, it was his family that inadvertently set him on his path of self-destruction. They were worried about the amount of time he was spending in Imperial company and objected to his goal of Imperial service. A fair-minded person, he listened impartially and promised to seek a compromise. He discussed his dilemma with Piet, who saw a block to his plans, one that required removal. He spread rumours of dissension and Rebel assistance and had charges of treason leveled at Chris’s family, unbeknown to Chris, and used his influence to keep Chris out of the way when the arrest "went wrong".

Naive was something Chris was not, and he knew his family’s death was an Imperial setup. He made contact with the local resistance movement and, after some months of security precautions on their part, during which time Chris passed on accurate and valuable information gleaned from Piet, he was accepted as a member of their cadre. Having nothing but ground vehicles, Chris was trained in CQB (Close Quarters Battle) and demolitions. He spent his time mainly in the workshops or Aid Post (he seemed to have a natural affinity for hands on healing, with bacta being in short supply) and volunteered for every mission he could. It was quickly noted that he worked better alone (his once gregarious and outgoing nature had turned inward) as he took extreme, sometimes foolish risks, to accomplish the mission and did not want to be responsible for any one else as the loss of his family weighed heavily on him. He saw himself in some way responsible for their deaths and his misplaced guilt fuelled his desire to destroy the system that created creatures like Piet. His Cadre Staff reported favorably on his performance with a small notation "appears to act ‘Just A Little Bit Krazy’ when on solo missions". He took this to heart and in later months he made this off the cuff remark into his callsign ‘Jalb_k".

His insistence and planning had no small part in the eventual overthrow of the Imperial Government through a planet wide coordinated strike. Luck, also, had little to do with the timing of the attack. The Alliance was just starting to take shape and The Empire had larger problems than a small outer rim world. Macquarie joined with the Alliance and sent what support they could, without reducing their own defensive capabilities, just prior to the Battle of Yavin IV. Due to the wide range of specialties, the Macquarians were split up amongst different squadrons, and in some cases wings, and Jalb_k found himself as pilot and some time reserve-tech, bouncing from squadron to squadron, wing to wing where needed. Due to his previous training he was also used in covert ground assault missions, most of which remain classified to this day. His skill and technical abilities have never been in doubt, but he has never been offered a permanent position in any Squadron, something which has at times made him take even more spectacular risks to try and prove himself. Although he always came through with the results he was labeled as a loose cannon and stored in reserve with what he felt was a sign around his neck: ‘Activate only in time of crisis!’. He craved acceptance, he needed to replace the family he lost on Macquarie and it wasn’t until a chance encounter on the Liberty that he saw his chance.

In Lieutenant Jeff "Kallysto" Young, Corsair Squadron’s Executive officer, he saw a kindred spirit, and realized that the emotion that this seemingly reserved and introverted pilot had was directed in a much more positive and effective way. He saw how he could tone his flamboyant flying and fighting style to a measured, methodical and ultimately lethal mode, with far less risk to himself and his team. He put this into practice, and became a much more effective combat pilot – so effective, in fact, that he was recruited by the Black Panther Wing. However, he somehow knew that his place was on board the Liberty, and he tendered his application to the Corsairs soon after. Two days after his acceptance he was in the Lounge celebrating his first kills as a Corsair when he met up with two other new arrivals, Matthew 'Krayt' Houseman and a Buccaneer by the name of Josh 'Hellcat' Kinney. The three became fast friends and eventually applied, and were accepted, to Rogue Squadron. Some months later Corsair's CO, Bob 'Blindman' Lin, was injured on operations and, due to a lengthy rehabilitation period, he thought it best to step down from his command position. He made a formal request to Rogue Leader, Vince 'Stryker' Rambo, asking that his former pilot and then Rogue Nine be transfered back to Corsair and given command of the squadron. Under the hand of Jalb_k Corsair went from merely a recon squadron and added interception to their mission statement. A role in which the Corsairs revelled and helped raise Renegade Wing's infamy throughout the Empire to new heights. After the destruction of the Liberty and the loss of several pilots, including Rogue and Buccaneer Leaders, at the battle of Endor, Renegade Wing was placed onboard the CRS Vigilant and Jalb_k was promoted to Colonel and given command of the Wing and Rogue Squadron.

Order of the Jedi

AiTOD Campaign Medal



1st Lieutenant Gabriel "Wolfman" Leventhal

Rogue 3

Squadron Citation  Renegade Wing Defense Ribbon  Elite Service Ribbon with Platinum Pip Order of the JediPulverizer Award Top Gun Participation Ribbon - Gold Device

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; [classified]
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Search & Rescue (high-risk terrain)
Combat Specialty Ancient unarmed fighting techniques
Side Arm None
Favorite Beverage Chocolate Milk
Physical Description human male, age 24 standard, 1.81 m, 69 kg, brown hair, eye color hazel


Gabriel grew up on Celanon where his family lived in a little village at the foot of one of the highest mountains. His mother started to drink when he was young, and not long after was found lying dead on the street. His father never really got over the tragedy, and so he hid in his work, hardly ever coming home. Gabriel and his sister had to look out for themselves.

Whenever he could, Gabriel would go to the nearby spaceport and watch the shuttles and transports land and take off. He was fascinated by space flight. When he was old enough, he applied to and was awarded a job as a transport pilot for the local Search and Rescue team, put together specifically for lost mountain climbers in his village. He learned to fly quite quickly and was soon hired by a Tour Corporation to fly their Luxus-Liners.

One fateful day, he left on a four-day tour. When he came back, his eyes lighted upon a mountain of snow. His whole village had been destroyed by an avalanche. His father, his sister, his friends… all perished. He learned later that they had been surprised during the night and were unable to evacuate.

Overcome with despair, Gabriel attempted to leave the planet, but his contract with the tour corporation made him stay there. He moved to Celanon City, which was pretty much the farthest he could get from his hometown.

His view of the world changed enormously after he moved to the city. He heard about the Galactic War, and how Palpatine was slowly taking overrunning the Imperial Senate. He still had his job at the tour corporation, but eventually he began to feel that he wanted to do more with his life, something… something that would mean something.

As he was flying a tour one day, Imperial troops boarded his liner with the explanation that there was a Rebel spy onboard. The spy didn't surrender, so the Imperial officer gave the order to kill everyone on the ship -- except Gabriel. He managed to flee into an escape pod and made it safely to the surface.

The Imperial troops had already occupied Celanon City in search for a Rebel group that was apparently being housed on Celanon. Most of the population left at that moment, including Gabriel. They fled to a Rebel Calamari Cruiser transporting supplies for a nearby convoy.

After dropping off their cargo, the cruiser headed for the nearest Alliance planet. However, upon arriving at the planet, they were attacked by Imperials. Since the cruiser didn't have enough fighter pilots onboard, Gabriel and some other refugees were recruited immediately and sent out to fight. It was a bloodbath. Hardly anyone from either side survived. Gabriel and a few other survivors managed to drive off what remained of the Imperial force.

The Rebels, impressed by their skill, didn‘t waste time and sent Gabriel and the others to the CRS Independence for training. There, Gabriel earned his callsign -- everytime he completed a mission successfully, he would let off a long howl, so his mates started to call him Wolfman. After completing his training, Wolfman was transferred to the Liberty, where he served in Corsair Squadron, before completing his goal and being reassigned to Rogue Squadron.

Platinum Supernova

Order of The Jedi



Rogue Five Standing By!
1st Lieutenant Nick "Jasted" Finelli

Rogue 5

Renegade Wing Defense Ribbon-Dual Cluster Elite Service Ribbon with Gold Gilt Border and Diamond Device Order of the JediAiTOD Campaign Ribbon with Bronze Cluster

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; [classified].
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Prototype Starfighter Testing
Combat Specialty Intercept and Destroy
Side Arm Merr-Sonn Model 47 Special
Favorite Beverage L.I. Ice Tea
Physical Description Human male, age 20 standard, 1.80m, 75kg, brown hair, brown eyes


The news of rebels destroying the Empire's mighty Death Star hit the galaxy like a giant hammer. Imperial forces were at a new low, their morale even lower. With most of the Empire's top officers killed with one lucky shot by a mysterious farm boy, a new wave of commanders were promoted, one of which being the father of Nick Finelli.

Nick, being in a strict military family, had no friends outside of the military academy he attended. He was taught basic Imperial combat and did very poorly in education because he was constantly questioning Imperial views. As he got older he took up training in TIE fighter simulators, which he enjoyed much more then any of his other studies. However, he never understood what the Empire's purpose was in the galaxy.

His father was a tyrant. He was in command of a patrol squad that controlled the docking bays of Mantooine, in the Atrivis Outer Rim. Nick was constantly told that the Imperial Navy was his future and this eventually drove him mad. After graduating, in the lower end of his class, a hatred of his father began and depression filled his mind. The day that Nick was to be shipped off to the Star Destroyer Ravage he made a decision to run away from his future life in the Imperial Navy.

He found a job as a copilot on the transport called Nighthawk. This freighter was known for carrying supplies all over the galaxy and was heavily watched by Imperial eyes. The captain, John Ralt, never fully trusted Nick because of his time with the Empire. This left Nick with the feeling that he was constantly being monitor by other crewmembers.

The Nighthawk had to make a delivery to a military Strike Cruiser and immediately Finelli believed they were delivering for pirates. The freighter met up with the cruiser and docked with it to make the transaction. To his surprise the cruiser was not a pirate vessel but a rebel ship. He had never seen an Alliance cruiser or fighter in his life, besides in the simulator. Finelli explored the Strike Cruiser, Wave Runner II and learned that this was home of Gray Squadron.

Exploring the ship he bumped into the XO of the Gray's, Axel "Luxo" Glez. The two began a conversation, discussing Galactic War politics and Finelli told Luxo of his time on Mantooine. In exchange, Glez revealed a side of the Empire that Finelli had wondered about, but had never seen. From that conversation, Finelli decided that the Alliance was the place for him. Luxo took the young pilot to the simulator, and decided that Finelli's specific place was behind the stick of a Gray Squadron starfighter.

Finelli's time with Gray Squadron as Gray 5 was lengthy, where he tested many prototype starfighters for the Alliance Research and Development program. When the Squadron was asked to help in the evacuation of the Arconis sector because of an Imperial strike force invasion, he and his fellow pilots fought bravely, saving hundreds of civilians and Alliance personnel. After the evacuation of Arconis, Gray and Blue squadrons took the sector back in a later campaign, leaving Gray with heavy casualties. The surviving members helped reform the battered squadron, making it more structured and organized.

Alliance Starfighter Command noticed Finelli's above normal piloting skills and contacted Gray's commanding officers, recommending he be transferred from the Outer Rim Territory. It did pain him to think of leaving behind the Wave Runner II and Gray Squadron, but Finelli agreed that flying with a squadron more on the offense then on defense would be a greater help to the Alliance's cause. A request for a transfer was sent to Starfighter Command. During the waiting period Finelli heard that a good friend aboard the freighter Nighthawk had been slain by a pirate ambush, and thus Nick changed his call sign to honor him. When the transfer was approved Finelli left the Wave Runner II behind and was sent to the Mon Calamari Star Cruiser Liberty, where his assignment is classified.

Order of the Jedi
Honor of the Republic
Platinum Supernova

AiTOD Campaign Medal with Bronze Cluster



Captain Tony "Kid" Marco

Rogue 6

Squadron Citation Ribbon x3 Renegade Wing Defense Ribbon Elite Service Ribbon with Platinum Pip

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; [classified].
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Starfighter Maintenance
Combat Specialty X-Wing Intercept/Recon pilot
Side Arm Standard issue blaster
Favorite Beverage Full Throttle
Physical Description Human male, age undeclared, 2m, 73kg, brown hair, brown eyes


Tony was the son of a minor elected official who, with his wife, lived in the Imperial City on Coruscant. Growing up so close to the Imperium, Tony was exposed to a very distorted view of the Empire, where Star Destroyers were viewed as an extravagant means to protect the galaxy against the reckless terrorists know as the Alliance.

Most of his young life was spent in private political schools, where he was expected to dedicate himself to the future of the "glorious" Empire. But he cared little for politics, as he was only interested in piloting a starfighter. Much of his free time was spent studying the statistics of the Imperial TIE Fighter and its various counterparts.

Once for his birthday, his father made arrangements for Tony to visit an actual fighter bay aboard an Imperial Star Destroyer. There he was allowed inside the cockpit of a TIE Fighter and a TIE Interceptor. Weeks later, while waiting in his father's office for him to return from a meeting, Tony accessed his father's Imperial HoloNet terminal when he saw a very disturbing image. He saw a recording of a "police" action wherein five Star Destroyers completely obliterated a colony on the Outer Rim. He saw uncensored footage of hundreds of innocent citizens standing in a city street, many pleading for mercy, others shrieking with fear as Imperial AT-ATs began firing ruthlessly into the crowd.

Unsettled, Tony asked his father to explain. His father was very agitated and told him that the entire incident was "staged", nothing more than propaganda from the Rebels who were trying to make the Empire appear to be the aggressors. But his father too seemed shaken by the recording and Tony got the feeling that his father did not believe the story about a "staged incident" even as he told it to him.

Later that same year, when the Imperial Senate was disbanded and the political side of the Imperial government was torn asunder, Tony's family fell on hard times. His father objected to the Senate's dissolution and ran afoul of the Emperor's secret police. This left Tony's family in poverty. All of their possessions and rank were taken away and they found themselves having to survive with the scum that infested the lower levels of Imperial City. Shortly thereafter, rumors began to spread about the destruction of Alderaan and Grand Moff Tarkins "Rule by Fear" doctrine.

His mother fell ill and was residing in a fourth-rate medical center when his father mysteriously disappeared. Tony suspected foul play at the hands of Imperial agents and stayed constantly by his mother's side. As her life signs began to fail she told him of a hidden stash of credits and supplies that she and his father had put aside years ago. It just might be enough to take him off the planet. After her ensuing death Tony managed to retrieve the hidden cache his mother had told him about. Contained therein were a blaster, several dehydrated food packs, ten thousand credits and a few personal momentos from his parents lives. He then made off with his newfound belongings and hired a smuggler to get him off the planet.

After knocking around the Outer Rim for months, Tony was approached by a casual drinking acquaintance and attended a meeting of those unsympathetic with the Empire. In time he was asked to join the Rebel Alliance. His casual friend turned out to be the Leader of the famous Gold Squadron, who put Tony through a grueling simulator training course at Comstock Base, the hidden home of Gold. During his pilot training Tony became acquainted with the rest of Gold Squadron, and signed on with them.

As time progressed, Tony honed his skills and became one of Gold's most skilled pilots. After six months in service he was promoted and became a flight leader. While in his seventh month, he decided to petition for a transfer to the legendary Rogue Squadron. He was then accepted into Rogue and made a new home on the Calamari Star Cruiser Liberty.

Platinum Supernova



LT COL Matthew "Krayt" Houseman

Rogue Two, Squadron/Wing XO

Squadron Citation Ribbon Renegade Wing Defense Ribbon with dual cluster Veteran Service Ribbon with Platinum Device Order of the Jedi Honour of the Republic

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; [classified]
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Hyperdrive and Engine Tech
Combat Specialty Capitol Ship Assault
Side Arm Hillam & Durgs Mark II Heavy Blaster Pistol
Favorite Beverage Fireland Ale
Physical Description Human Male, Age 24, Black hair, Green Eyes. 1.85 M tall and 66 Kg Birthplace: Granid IV


Born on Granid IV, a small mining system in the outer rim. Krayt grew up in a very hostile environment. The mining colonies were under constant attack by pirates and other types of bandits. His parents owned one of the larger mines in the system, but unfortunately for him, he had several older siblings and had no chance of inheriting the mine.

Once he had completed his schooling, he applied to be trained as a fighter pilot in one of the system defense squadrons. When put in a simulator, he scored extremely well on his preliminary examination. He graduated at the top of his class from flight school. He was assigned one of the Z-95 fighters and completed his training in the squadron. He also began training as a mechanic, and started working on the squadron’s fighters fixing battle damage and putting in minor upgrades. He flew several missions against various pirate groups. With each battle, his skills improved, and soon he could outfly everyone else in the squadron. Using the scrap from the downed fighters, he was able to put hyperdrives into several of the squadron’s fighters.

In his third year with the squadron, an Imperial Star Destroyer jumped into the system and demanded to be given supplies. When the colony leaders refused, not wanting to part with the few supplies they had, the Star Destroyer then launched its fighters and attacked the colonies. The system defense force launched all its squadrons and managed to do enough damage to force the Destroyer to flee. The defense force was damaged severely and many of the fighters barely survived. It was then decided that the system would petition the Alliance for admittance, in order to get help in case of another attack. Krayt and three other pilots were chosen to take four of the remaining hyperdrive-capable fighters and escort a shuttle to an Alliance-held planet.

The mission went off as expected, and the system was admitted into the Alliance. The problems started when the envoy and his escort returned to report the success. When they jumped back into the system, sensors showed a pair of Victory-class Star Destroyers exiting the system at the same time. A scan of the colonies showed they had been completely leveled. Heartbroken, the pilots turned around and returned to the planet that they had just departed from to get help. A few days later they jumped in with an Alliance relief force and rescued a few hundred survivors.

It was decided that they would move to a new planet for the time being, till they could return to their homes. Krayt and the other pilots chose to join the Alliance as pilots to help defeat the Imperial forces. With the its defeat, their people would be able to return home and start their lives over again.

Iron Star
Order of The Jedi
Honor of the Republic



1st Lieutenant Josh "Hellcat" Kinney

Rogue Eight

Squadron Citation Ribbon Renegade Wind Defense Ribbon with Dual Cluster  Elite Service Ribbon with Platinum Pip Order of the JediTop Gun Participation Ribbon - Silver Device AiTOD Campaign Ribbon

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; [classified]
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Code Slicer
Combat Specialty Sniper
Side Arm Blastech BF-Sniper Rifle
Favorite Beverage Screwdriver
Physical Description Human male, 18 standard, 1.9m, 102kg, blond hair, hazel eyes


Josh "Hellcat" Kinney was born and raised on the Correllian Transport Merciful where he spent most of his childhood life running cargo missions with his parents, but never knew what exactly they were shipping in some cases. Having lived most of his life on board a cargo ship he never really got the chance to make friends and therefore was, and still is in a way, shy to most people he encountered when he and his parents took down-planet time to relax. While on relief time, his father would take Josh out in forested areas of the planets they stayed at to hunt and hone on target practice, which would benefit for him in his later years. Soon developing into a crack shot artist with his father’s blastech pistol, Josh wanted to take his precision weaponry training to a starfighter cockpit but instead had to settle for the gun turrets of the Merciful.

Having heard his son’s pleas to pilot a starfighter, his father got in touch with an old friend of his who was a starfighter captain stationed on board an Alliance space platform, who generously allowed Hellcat’s father to borrow his fighter when they landed to refuel and resupply the Merciful. After a brief explanation on controls within the cockpit of the Z-95, Hellcat was soon in space twisting, turning, looping, and rolling all over the place enjoying the time of his life as his father looked on noticing his son’s skills within the cockpit of a starfighter. Finally landing on board the station, Hellcat thanked his fathers friend for allowing him to fulfill his dream to pilot a fighter and with that out of the way the Merciful took off to complete it’s cargo run.

To make a long story short, Hellcat, now 18, was on a cargo run with his parents to an outpost on the galactic rim when they were pulled out of space by an indictor cruiser. Having been told to take the evacuation shuttle, Hellcat left the Merciful only to witness it soon being destroyed after his parents turned to attack it. Soon the Alliance Calamari Cruiser Torgo dropped out of hyperspace to finish off the interdictor. When the battle was over Hellcat requested to join the Alliance as a pilot and was placed into Phoenix squadron on board the Cruiser Windstorm.

While on patrol one day, however, Phoenix squadron along with two other squads and their mothership Windstorm, were ambushed by 3 Star Destroyers and an Interdictor Cruiser. Heavily outnumbered and outgunned the pilots of the Windstorm fought with courage and luck destroying numerous enemy fighters and heavily damaging one of the Star Destroyers, but the sheer numbers of the Imps caught up to the Rebel pilots as one by one they were overwhelmed. With things starting to look bad on the Rebel pilots and the Windstorm itself, as it was taking fire from all sides, relief support showed up with the arrival of the Calamari Cruiser Jackrabbit and Frigate Evesdropper dropping out of hyperspace. The odds were about even once again, as the Imps started taking there loses. The battle soon ended leaving the Empire with 1 less Star Destroyer, the other 2 damaged and an Interdictor Cruiser damaged as well. Many of the Imperial pilots were floating in space or flying around in non-hyperdrive ships until they agreed to surrender to the Alliance. The battle, though a success, took it’s toll on Phoenix squadron and her sister squads as most were either destroyed or badly injured while the Windstorm hypered to a repair depot in the next system. Josh "Hellcat" Kinney landed on board the Evesdropper and kept to himself for awhile, looking over the battle in his mind. After a long conclusion Hellcat decided to leave the Windstorm because of so many memories left on board. He knew he’d never be able to go back again because of the times spent with it’s crew and dead pilots and therefore sought out on his own in his squadron X-wing seeking a new home with a different squadron.

Order of The Jedi

AiTOD Campaign Medal



1st Lieutenant Joel "Darklighter" Phelps

Rogue 12

Renegade Wing Defense Ribbon-Dual Cluster Elite Service Ribbon with Platinum Pip Order of the Jedi Honour of the RepublicTop Gun Participation Ribbon - Violet Device AiTOD Campaign Ribbon

Currently assigned to Renegade Wing; [classified].
Attached to Mon Calamari Star Cruiser, Vigilant.

Technical Specialty Computer specialist
Combat Specialty Sniper
Side Arm Blastech DL-44
Favorite Beverage Strawberry Twist
Physical Description Human male, age 19, 1.83 m, 81.6 kg, blond hair, blue eyes.


Joel Phelps was born in Anchorhead on Tatooine, but he grew up in Mos Eisley. His parents had a small space trade business. Joel accompanied his dad on some business trips, and showed a knack for piloting the ship. At the age of 14 Joel's parents were killed on a business trip gone sour. Joel had to live on the streets of Mos Eisley, but he vowed to get the man responsible.

One year later he was taken in by a small-time smuggler who taught him how to fly, to use a blaster and to fight. When he had enough money, Joel bought his own ship and struck out on his own. He smuggled cargo for some large smugglers as well as some bounty hunting. Shortly after the Battle of Hoth, Joel started hauling cargo for the Alliance. They asked him if he would join, but he declined, stating he wanted to stay neutral.

Then, Joel discovered that the Empire was responsible for his parents' death. Joel joined the Alliance to get revenge on the Empire. He asked to join a starfighter squadron. Joel thought he was a promising recruit. He felt his skills were well above average, and he was right. Joel had great scores on his training flights, but his training officer, Capt. Jack Carlton, didn't like his style and deliberately changed his scores. Because of this Joel was unable to graduate and earn his flight wings.

He returned to hauling cargo for the Alliance. He had given up all hope of ever flying in a combat squadron. After several supply runs to the Calamari Cruiser Liberty, he made some friends among the pilots in Renegade Wing.

On one occasion they asked him if he would like to fly a simulation mission with them for fun. He agreed, and after the mission was over they thought he was a very skillful pilot. His friends asked why he hadn't joined a starfighter squadron. Joel said he tried but his scores were not high enough to graduate.

With some help from Renegade Wing pilots, Joel was able to uncover that his scores modified. He was given his wings, and Capt. Carlton was disciplined accordingly. Joel was given a commission in Corsair Squadron in Renegade Wing.

Platinum Supernova

Order of The Jedi

Honor of the Republic

AiTOD Campaign Medal