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Renegade Wing Support Staff

Name Position
Bill Morrison Chief Tactical Officer
Mike Hawkyard X-Wing Flight Maintenance Chief
Unassigned A-Wing Flight Maintenance Chief
Unassigned Search and Rescue
Kevin Koernig Security Officer
Unassigned Transport Pilot
Unassigned Flight Control Officer

Squadron Spacecraft

The Renegade Wing Support Staff maintains all the starfighter craft onboard the Liberty and in addition they maintain refitted Imperial craft for more clandestine Rogue Squadron operations.

  • 2 Cygnus AC Xg-1 Assault Gunboats
  • 2 Sienar Fleet System TIE Advanced Starfighters

The RWSS also has various cargo and shuttle craft at their permanent disposal.

  • 1 CEC YT-1300 Corellian Transport
  • 2 Cygnus T-4a Shuttle Crafts
  • 2 Telgorn Dx-9 Transports
  • 1 Telgorn M/ATR-6 Assault Transport (SAR - Salvatore)
Halls of Honor
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