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Buccaneer Squadron Logo
Callsign Nickname Position Duties
Buccaneer Leader Prowler Squadron CO
Buccaneer 2 Guardian   Loremaster
Buccaneer 3 Nova    
Buccaneer 4 Unassigned    
Buccaneer 5 Unassigned    
Buccaneer 6 Unassigned    
Buccaneer 7 Paladin    
Buccaneer 8 Unassigned    
Buccaneer 9 Unassigned    
Buccaneer 10 Unassigned    
Buccaneer 11 Unassigned    
Buccaneer 12 Unassigned    

Squadron Spacecraft

Buccaneer flys the Y-wing and Bwing starfighters, but also has assigned a small complement of Y-Wing variants for specialized assault missions.

  • 6 Koensayr BTL-A4 Y-Wing Starfighters
  • 2 Koensayr BTL-S3 Y-Wing Starfighters (2 seat variant)
  • 6 Slayn and Korpil B-Wings (Heavy Attack Fighters)
Halls of Honor
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