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Vigilant Theatre

Welcome to the Vigilant Greater Five Theatre.  A vast improvement over the Liberty's two screens, the Vigilant is able to screen up to 5 POVs simultaneously!  Just pick the POV you want to see and it will be presented in all it's online digital glory.


The Battle of Endor
A Five Part Series

  • Part 1 - The Brewing Storm

  • Part 2 - Attack of The Rebellion

  • Part 3 - Revenge of The Death Star

  • Part 4 - A New Chance

  • Part 5 - Aftermath




    The Battle of Endor
    Writing Credits

    In order of first writing appearance:

  • 1st LT Andy "Bulldog Clark (Corsair/Buccaneer Squadron)
  • CMDR Andrew "Dobber" Dobson (Buccaneer Squadron)
  • LT Gemilan "Gremlin" (Corsair Squadron)
  • Rick "Mystic" Chesney (Gray Squadron)
  • Anton "Ant" Whitemont (Unassigned)
  • O/CDT Kyle "Junior" Reynolds (Unassigned)
  • 1st LT Nick "Jasted" Finelli (Rogue Squadron)
  • CAPT Roy "Lock" Callahan (Rogue Squadron)
  • LT COL 9-LOM "Syntax" (Corsair Squadron)
  • 1st LT Paul "Rogue" Sweet (Red Squadron)
  • LT Kyle "Gnoizic" Mandal (Red Squadron)
  • LT Myke "Wolf" Krenn (Corsair Squadron)
  • LT Jeni "Angel" Courtner (RWSS)
  • 1st LT John "Knight" Vorwald (Corsair Squadron)
  • 2nd LT Namieh "Tattoo" Calyse (RWSS)