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Renegade Wing 5k Fiction Challenge Collection

The Renegade Wing writers were challenged in the month of November (2021) by the Loremaster to write a complete story that could be told in 5000 words or less. Some entries had plenty of room to spare, and others required just about every one of the allotted words to tell a compelling and complete story. Some authors focused on their own characters, while others explored interesting new nooks and crannies in the Star Wars universe and timeline!

Future challenges may occur down the road, with higher OR lower word limits! We hope you enjoy it!

Table of Contents:

Release 1

"Passion and Harmony" by Wildcard (1200 BBY)

"Other Moons" by FLATTOP (32 BBY)

"Speculative Investments" by Knight (1 BBY)

"Shakedown" by Guardian (2.6 ABY)

"Shocked, not Stirred" by Jalb and Bulldog (4.3 ABY)

"Ashes of Bandit" by Bulldog (4.7.2 ABY)

"To Die Alone" by Silence (4.8.1 ABY)

Release 2

"The Fith Element" by Gremlin (4.10.1 ABY)

"Past Dues" by Lock (4.10.1 ABY)

"The Birthday Gift" by Loth-Cat (4.10.2 ABY)

"Debrief" by Rainman (4.10.2 ABY)

"The Transfer" by Raptor (4.10.2 ABY)

"Gone but not Forgotten" by Dobber (4.10.5 ABY)

"Jumping Blind" by Bulldog (4.10.5 ABY)

"Small Acts of Kindness" by Dobber (4.10.8 ABY)