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Chipya, Number Two Ewok

Me Chipya, me number two ewok onboard big star cruiser called Liberty. Me very special ewok, if number one ewok, George, is not around, me in charge of all ewoks onboard big star cruiser. My day very busy, have to protect other ewoks from the bad people who not like ewoks and trying to get rid of us. Most trouble come from one pilot, he is on star cruiser too, he called Hellcat. He cause much trouble for us, come in our area, try to mess up our parties, but many times we ready for him. Set good traps so that he learn not to mess with ewoks. We do nothing to him to make him come after us, but he keeps trying to mess up our nice parties. He got after our drums and loud instruments most time, but we have many of those. Though most time he very clumsy, and easy to trap or chase away, sometime he get good idea and cause much trouble for us. One time he almost beat all of us and disrupted entire party day.

All start on typical party day. We celebrate light, so when light turn on in ewok area, party begins. We take out big drums, and horns, and bang and blow on instruments. Big drums very big, made from tree trunks from home planet. Trees very big there, reach high up into sky, maybe touch mists sometime. Ewoks live in trees, make very good sleeping places and safe. Star cruiser even higher than trees, think must be very safe. Try make as much sound as can, light is everywhere so must make sound go everywhere to celebrate the light. Many complain about sound, must mean we not playing loud enough. While drum and horn ewoks play music, the rest sing, louder than instruments. After sing, we go sleep for short time to ready for next song. This when Hellcat strike.

Me wake up from middle of sleep to see big human walking near some ewoks. Me recognize as Hellcat, so me sound the warning, pull red handle on wall that makes rain fall. All ewoks wake up, but too late, Hellcat already running away and over half ewoks covered in sticky stuff. Try bite through stuff, but ewoks say stuff taste bad and no break. So, I lead other half of ewoks to chase after Hellcat. Give big attack cry: 'Ariiiiiii haaaa!!!' Charge out of ewok area after invader.

We ran after the invader with full force, charging through the ship, yelling and shouting out our ewok war cries. With spears, we run over all people who be in way. Heads turn and fixerpeople jump out of way to avoid ewok force. In number, we unstoppable. Hellcat, the pilot, have no chance for escape. When we catch we plan to hang him by feet so head facing down. Then sing many victory songs while dancing around catch.

But ran into problem before catch Hellcat. Right before we catch him, he stop and turn around. He give funny little grin and push button on datapad he carry. He say, 'Now I have you.'

Before we know what happen, big net fall on most of us. Then electric shock go through net knocking out all ewoks under net. After, it only me, number five ewok, Kilpa, number 5,556 ewok, Nilha, and number 1,978,937 ewok, Yipna. Now would be very hard to catch much bigger human with only few numbers. But we in luck, Gemini, head of security and ewok protector was watching over us and dropped ewok noise blaster down for us. Grabbing noise blaster, we start sing. The great song of fight cause Hellcat to be knock out from listening to great song of ewok war.

When all ewoks free and wake up, we get to have even bigger party of celebration, with main guest, Hellcat, upside-down. Good party, George be very happy when he get back. Much dancing and singing. Many complaints too, think maybe we should sing louder.