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Here you will find the names of those who have contributed to the cause of Renegade Wing by submitting contributions to the website or enriching our online environment. These awards bestow formal recognition to those listed for their unselfish nature and dedication to helping make Renegade Wing and the Alliance the best it can possibly be. While these may be the most commonly awarded medals, they are of no lesser value.

Squadron Service Ribbon

Squadron Citation Ribbon

The most common award, given for service to the squadron by a Squadron Commander for any of the following criteria:

  • Submitting the following number of TacOps: 3 XvT, 3 XWA, or 4 X-wing TacOps.
  • Completing the majority of a POV or Custom TOD
  • Contributing in the completion of 3 POVs or Custom TODs
  • Completing a total of 2 Lounge Tales.
  • May also be awarded at Renegade Wing CO's discretion for criteria not listed herein.

Recipients of the Squadron Service Ribbon to date:

  • Rafael "Hyl" Costa Guerra, RWSS SAR
  • Vince "Stryker" Rambo, Rogue Leader
  • Eloy "Mynock" Cintron, Buccaneer 3
  • Dave "Hyp" Barnett, Buccaneer 5
  • Adam "Guardian" Burns, Buccaneer 2
  • Mike Hawkyard, RWSS
  • Michael "Vidster" Videlka, Rogue 2 (RET)
  • Jeffrey "Kallysto" Young, Corsair 11
  • Tony "Kid" Marco, Rogue 6
  • Gabriel "Wolfman" Leventhal, Rogue 3
  • Jonathan "Condor" Rees, Corsair 9
  • Chris "Jalb_k" Reynolds, Corsair Leader
  • Alastair "Rancor" Harper, Buccaneer 4
  • Matthew "Krayt" Houseman, Rogue 7
  • Josh "Hellcat" Kinney, Rogue 8
  • Michael "Mighty" Tolle, Rogue 10
  • Bob "Blindman" Lin, Corsair 3
  • Pashk "Silk" V'tikan, RWSS
  • Chris "Animal" Stephen, Buccaneer Leader
  • Mark "Prowler" Desrosiers, Buccaneer 5
  • 9LOM - Syntax, Rogue 4

Silver Star Device
Gold Star Device

Citation Ribbon Devices

These devices are affixed to the Squadron Citation Ribbon and are used to designate multiple awards of that ribbon.

  • Silver Star: Represents a subsequent award of the Squadron Citation Ribbon
  • Gold Star: Represents five subsequent awards of the Squadron Citation Ribbon