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Mercy 2

Mercy 2 is the ship belonging to Guardian. The crew is a collection of redemption stories looking for another chance.

Nickname Callsign Position Secondary Duties
Driver Guardian Pilot Medic
Wrench Fixit Flight Engineer Co-Pilot
Cover Wonderful Tractor Beam Ops Door Gunner
Jumper Riot Rescue Door Gunner
Doc Cutter Medical Droid Protocol

Vigilant Taskforce











Captain Adam "Guardian" Burns


Currently assigned to Mercy Two

Technical Specialty Medicine/First Aid
Combat Specialty Fighter cover, Search and Rescue
Side Arm Blurgg-1120 Hold-out Blaster (stun setting)
Favorite Beverage Ithorian Green Tea
Physical Description Human male, 30 standard, 1.82m, 69kg, short brown hair, blue natural right eye, red cybernetic left eye, cybernetic left arm (from shoulder), cybernetic left leg (from hip). Visage scarred significantly, patchwork beard and mustache. Usually wearing a flight cap with the squadron symbol on the front


Adam's father was a part of the system space defense force on his homeworld of Ghorman in the Colonies, along the Rimma Trade Route. Under his father's watchful eye, he learned piloting on the various airspeeders and some local starships, mostly Y-wings and Z-95 Headhunters. Before he could apply to the Imperial Starfighter Academy, however, his family was killed in the Ghorman Massacre. Adam took his inheritance and left his homeworld, looking for a new purpose.

He found himself on the Ithorian herd ship Bazaar, where he was taken as an apprentice by an Ithorian mystic named Kol'tar. After two years of training, Kol'tar left the Bazaar to join the Mother Jungle, and Adam left to volunteer with the Rebel Alliance. Enlisting as a medic, he served for several months until the evacuation of the Rebel base on Porchello forced him behind the controls of a Y-wing fighter. Upon regrouping with the Fleet, he was approached by Starfighter Command and transferred to Defender Squadron.

Adam served with Defender for a little over a year, earning the name "Guardian" for his focus on covering his wingmen (sometimes to the detriment of the mission), until Defender was destroyed covering a supply fleet that was ambushed by an Imperial strike group. Guardian was one of the few pilots to survive the engagement; his fiancée, fellow pilot Cori "Angel" Jocert, did not.

After the destruction of Defender, Guardian requested and was granted a transfer to the newly-formed Corsair Squadron of Renegade Wing. He flew for some time with Corsair Squadron, but his skills in the Y-Wing caused high command to reassign him to Buccaneer Squadron, where he was named Executive Officer and then, Commanding Officer.

While with Renegade Wing, Guardian developed a reputation for volunteering to fly the Search and Rescue shuttle on missions where his squadron was not needed, and develop his mission plans with an eye towards making sure his pilots returned alive. He was also drafted into piloting for Alliance Special Forces missions. He was lost and presumed dead during Operation Sarlacc, an endeavor away from Renegade Wing.

Presently, he has rejoined the wing after the initial action at Toseng, having been serving as the pilot of the medical corvette Anti-Venom.

Adam is a quiet, thoughtful man who prefers to give others the glory and collect life debts that he never intends to cash in on. He views his mission as bringing home as many of his wingmen as possible, and will bend or break any rule or protocol to save a life.









Technical Sergeant Dov "Fixit" Retanna

Flight Engineer/Co-pilot

Currently assigned to Mercy Two

Technical Specialty Starfighter Repair and Modification
Secondary Specialty Electronic Warfare
Side Arm BlasTec A-180 Modular Blaster Pistol
Favorite Beverage Duros agave tequila
Physical Description Duros male, age 26, 1.78 meters, 86 kg, blue-grey skin, pale red eyes.


Dov Retanna was born and raised on Duros, working in his family's shop fixing and modifying personal starcraft. While most Duros dreamed of flying, Dov was content with tinkering and improving the machines, finding ways to coax more speed or power out of the devices the family's customers brought to them. That all ended when the Empire nationalized the Retanna family's section of their world, effectively seizing the family shop and incorporating it into a more Imperial-friendly corporate conglomerate.

His parents retired and the rest of his brood found other work. Dov, however, was supremely unsettled by the incorporation, and decided to do something about it. He knew he had made some modifications for customers who were not very fond of the Empire, and reaching out to those contacts brought him to the Rebel Alliance. Dov's particular skill set got him immediately assigned to the Special Forces branch, working on everything from modifying U-wings for covert insertion to coming up with field signal devices that the Empire couldn't intercept.

Dov loved working on the machinery, but the rest of the assignment wasn't for him. He didn't think of himself as much of a soldier, and his quiet, reserved demeanor made it hard to fit in with the louder, more braggadocious SpecFor troopers. He kept his head down and focused on the work.

The SpecFor assignment, however, did make him cross paths several times with Adam "Guardian" Burns, and when Guardian was given leave to put his own U-wing crew together, Dov was one of the first people he reached out to. A permanent assignment working to keep a U-wing performing at its best was too good to pass up, and Dov threw himself into discovering how to make Mercy Two even better than the original designers thought it could be. He also has some modifications in mind for Cutter, Mercy Two's already-modified 2-1B medical droid, but hasn't yet gotten up the courage to ask Guardian - or Cutter - if he can try some of them out.









Sergeant Winna "Wonderful" Prange

Tractor Beam Operator/Door Gunner

Currently assigned Mercy Two

Technical Specialty Sniper, Vehicle Weaponry
Secondary Specialty Survival & Evasion
Side Arm BlasTec A-280 Blaster Rifle (sniper configuration)
Favorite Beverage Whatever's handy
Physical Description Human female, age unknown (approximately 30 standard years), 1.73 meters, 79 kg, heavily tattooed tanned skin, brown eyes, short black hair with a dye splash (to match her uniform) above her left eye, as many visible piercings as Guardian will let her get away with.


Winna Prange's earliest memories are on 1313, with faces and names blending together. She knows her name is Winna; everything else is up for debate. With a horde of other urchins, orphans, and riff raff she begged, borrowed, and stole whatever she could to survive, somehow hiding enough in a reserve that when her best friend Prange didn't make it home one night, she could buy a transport ticket off-world. To anywhere.

The first anywhere happened to be Kwenn Space Station, the gateway to Hutt space. Winna learned similar but new lessons here, becoming familiar with the advantage to killing someone while standing way over there. She made enough people angry at her and finally couldn't play them off against each other enough when she ran into the Alliance Special Forces team.

They happened to be looking for someone who was looking for Winna, so she was all too happy to make introductions. Afterwards, she didn't have anywhere else to go, so she stayed with the team. The Kintran Striders were happy to have new blood along, until it became apparent that since she hadn't gone through the same training they had, she asked a lot more questions. The XO made a joke about how wonderful it was to have a woman's intuition along, and the nickname Wonderful stuck.

Winna didn't care much. She had a relatively safe place to sleep and was getting three meals a day - mostly. But the constant second-guessing, or whispering behind her back, and unwanted amorous advances wore her down, and more and more she found herself looking for another way out. What was AWOL anyway, with a galaxy to disappear into and a war on? They wouldn't come looking for her.

Then they found Giojene.

The young Twi'lek almost killed one of the SpecFor troopers when they found her, and several others, on a Hutt slave transport. The other slaves had been whisked away to safeworlds, or to be reunited with their families, but Wonderful had recognized something in Giojene and couldn't leave her behind. So she'd adopted the Twi'lek as her spotter, conversing with her in Ryl and keeping the worst of the troopers away from the girl.

Now there were two of them, and it became easier for Wonderful to stand up to the rest of them when she was doing it for Giojene. But the arguments and incidents kept growing, and Winna knew that her time in the platoon needed to end, one way or another.

Then came the offer to transfer to the Starfighter Corp, running a tractor beam and sometimes a door gun for one of the oddest officers that Winna had ever met. But he agreed to bring Giojene as well, so she said yes. And now she's in a new environment, with a much different crowd than SpecFor.

She'll see if these zoomies can keep up.









Corporal Giojene "Riot"


Currently assigned to Mercy Two

Technical Specialty Sniper, sniper spotter
Secondary Specialty Survival & Evasion
Side Arm BlasTec A-280 Blaster Rifle (sniper configuration)
Favorite Beverage Zeltron spiced wine
Physical Description Twi'lek female, age unknown (approximately 25 standard years), 1.72 meters, 68 kg, blue skin with yellow tattoos on her lekku, yellow eyes.


Giojene was pulled off a Hutt slave transport by the Kintan Strider commando platoon. She tried to stab the first commando that found her with an eating utensil, and was talked down by Winna "Wonderful" Prange. Since Winna spoke Ryl, Giojene stuck with her, not letting herself get separated as they sent the other Twi'leks away. She refuses to talk about how she ended up on the transport, or any of her life before arriving there.

Giojene became Winna's protege, learning how to be a sniper and spotter. When she wasn't on mission, she still stayed in Winna's shadow. It wasn't until Giojene broke some bones in a few of the other commandos who had gotten too fresh with her that she earned the nickname Riot and the rest of them backed off.

She enjoys killing Imperials, being around Wonderful and dancing, not always in that order. She's had training in two of the three, her workouts being something the other commandos always seem to find themselves in position to watch.

But then Wonderful came to her, and said she was going to go fly on a starship and help rescue people. And since Wonderful is going, then Riot wasn't going to be left behind. And now she'll get to learn how to shoot from a ship, and open up broken ships and get their pilots out, or go out on the line and hook a hurt person up so they can get them to a hospital.

It's not killing Imperials. But it'll do.









2-1B-C5 "Cutter"


Currently assigned to Mercy Two

Technical Specialty Multi-species Medicine
Secondary Specialty Ettiquette & Protocol
Side Arm Multitude of Plasma Cutters/Scalpels
Favorite Beverage Hot Oil
Physical Description Modified 2-1B Medical Droid with a repulsorlift stretcher instead of legs.


The 2-1B Medical Surgical Droid known as "Cutter" first came to the Alliance five months before the battle of Yavin. It was part of a cargo of medical droids intercepted by the Alliance before that battle, and was assigned to surgical duty on board the front-line cruiser Crusade. It served in several tours on board the Crusade, eventually evacuating with the rest of the crew when it was destroyed in the Porthello Incident.

From that evacuation, 2-1B-C5 was assigned to the Rebel base on Briggia. Again, the droid served in an outstanding capacity within Briggia base, saving many wounded soldiers' lives. However, due to the terrible nature of war, several troopers had to be "let go" while in the surgical unit. This led to C5's supervisors deleting its incapacity to kill. However, they did put in several safeguards that would stop the droid from becoming violent.

Due to the tenuous position of the Alliance and its forward bases, Briggia base fell under an evacuation order. C5 stayed behind in the medbay, prepping its final passengers for evac, until it found itself abandoned. It was found by a medic on his way out, as he took a final sweep through the base. Unfortunately, Imperial troops had breached the base's perimeter and cut the droid down as the pair made its escape.

C5 was cut in half from the trooper's fire. The feedback short from the shots fried some of his programming; specifically, his safeguards against violence. His secondary systems came back on-line just in time for him to save the medic from capture and himself from destruction. The grateful medic carried the bisected droid to a Y-wing and the pair made it off planet.

For not leaving him, C5 began to call the young medic-turned-pilot "Master," and its effects were not lost on the man. The newly christened "Guardian" took the droid with him to Defender Wing, and the pilots and techs there rebuilt C5's chassis and dubbed him "Cutter." When Guardian transferred to the Liberty, Cutter followed.

Cutter's new chassis features a repulsorlift "bed" that begins at his waist. The bed allows him to hover over rough terrain, and makes him more maneuverable. Two extensions are capable of coming out of the "bed" to create a temporary stretcher capable of carrying a Wookiee. Several new additions have also been added to his body--other medical droid brains have been integrated under his own personality. Within one body, he is his own 2-1B surgical droid, as well as an MD-0 Diagnostic droid, MD-1 Laboratory Technician droid, MD-2 Anesthesiology droid, MD-3 Pharmaceutical droid, and MD-5 General Practitioner droid. Guardian also had a 1PO intelligence added, so Cutter can communicate with any patient.

Guardian disappeared on a classified operation, and Cutter's loyalty transferred to the Liberty's surgical head, Doctor Banarj. While the Rebel fleet gathered before the Battle of Endor, Banarj was deployed to the Redemption. Not wanting to be without his best assistant, Banarj brought Cutter along with him, saving the droid's life as the Liberty was destroyed by the second Death Star soon after. From then on, wherever Banarj went, Cutter followed. After a few weeks, they found themselves deployed to the newly minted CRS Vigilant, weeks before the rest of the remainder of the Renegade Wing pilots would be brought onboard.

When Guardian returned to the Wing after the Battle of Toseng and was assigned a U-wing, Cutter insisted on being on the crew. He is adapting to having less room to maneuver in, but is enjoying the opportunity to be even more on the front line, and to keep one of his ocular sensors on Guardian.

Personality-wise, Cutter is a slow, patient automaton. He takes care of any problem with a gentle, methodical approach that makes him easy to like, but frustrating to deal with at times. He calls everyone "sir" or "ma'am" except when referring to Guardian, who is "Master Adam."