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Balance of Power Tactical Operations Briefing: Rebel

Balance of Power Combat Engagement: Two on Two - Alliance CRLs vs. Imperial STRKCs.

Skill level: Hard
Duty Roster: Slot 1, X-wing Rogue
Ship: B-wing
#Craft: 2
#Waves: 2
Armament: Heavy Rockets
Countermeasures: Flares

The T/As seem to give you a lot less trouble when flying in the Rogue slot rather than the Green slot, so pick slot one and go with a B-wing. Lock and fire eight rockets against STRKC Asp, and jump to your second ship. Fire another eight rockets and hyper out of the combat area with each of your first two ships.

In your new wave, fire just four rockets to finish off the Asp, then find and fire your remaining four rockets at the second STRKC, Eel. Jump to your wingman's B-wing, and unload your full rocket load at the Eel. Drop some flares if enemy fighters start harassing you before you've released your rockets. Again, hyper those two craft out of the area to bring in your third wave.

Finish off the Eel with four more rockets. Once the second STRKC blows, you've successfully completed the mission, and the hard part is over. The T/As hyper away, and you're left with gunboats targeting your CRLs, and a few others targeting you. Take out the gunboats, concentrating on the ones attacking the CRL Re, which usually gets beat up pretty bad. You should have some rockets left; use them on the GUNs if you like, but you probably won't need to. You'll typically have no more than one GUN targeting you at a time.

If you stick around to take out the gunboats, these tactics will net you somewhere in the neighborhood of 58,000 points, good enough for a Top Performance ribbons.

Author: Nova, Buccaneer Three
Strategy: Nova