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Tactical Operations Briefing: Rebel

BoP Operation 12, Protect Resupply Operation in the Kuran Drift

Skill Level: Hard
Duty Roster: Slot 2, X-Wing Rogue
Craft: X-Wing
#Craft: 1
#Waves: 3
Armament: None 
Countermeasure: None

Once you begin this mission immediately start identifying the pirate craft. Begin by sending all canon and shield energy to engines and go after the SPC ?Bubkis?, inside the R&D Facility ?Attila?. When T-Wing Bravo enters the combat area send your wingmen after them so that they don?t do any damage to the R&D Facility. Proceed to ID all pirate craft, hit [O] to target one that you have not yet inspected. After the first wave of two T-Wings are is destroyed additional, more aggressive, ships from flight group Bravo will enter the area. Try to destroy as many of the torpedoes aimed at the ?Attila? as you can, but wait to destroy the T-Wings until after you have inspected all pirate ships present (the goals will read 88%).

Assault Gunboat Tau should come out of hyperspace soon after the last fighter from Bravo group has been destroyed, at the same time the modified corvette ?Lothar? will enter the area followed by the Imperial Star Destroyer ?Wasp?, which is in hot pursuit. Inspecting the ?Lothar? is now the priority of the mission, since the ISD will destroy it within two minutes of entering the area. Be wary of TIE Interceptor groups Alpha and Beta as you ID the M/CRV they will be out of the ?Wasp? and attacking the closest Rebel fighter, which should be you.

When the ?Lothar? has been identified either high tail it back to the R&D Facility of go into hyperspace so that you can drive off Gunboat Tau. There are only twelve ships total, which come in waves of two, so destroy them as quickly as possible. Also intercept as many warheads as you can and always keep yourself in between the Facility and Tau group. Send your wingmen off to attack the incoming T/Is, if the interceptors aren?t kept in check your going to have a very short flight.

Once all of the Gunboats are destroyed you will have to draw fire away from the Facility that is coming from the star destroyer. The T/Is will have most likely taken out all of your wingmen, so watch for them as you assault the ISD.

By this time all of the cargo transfers should be completed and the Rebel starships should be heading toward their hyperspace points. If the station is close to dying quit the mission the moment the last ship heads into hyperspace, because if the R&D Facility is destroyed the mission will result in a draw. However, if the ?Attila? is in good shape keep attacking the ?Wasp? and it?s fighters until you?ve destroyed them, which should land you a Top Performance if accomplished on Hard.

Author: Tony Marco (Kid - Rogue 6)
Strategy: Tony Marco