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Tactical Operations Briefing: Rebel

BoP Operation 15, Destroy the SSD Vengeance

Skill Level: Hard
Duty Roster: Slot 2, B-Wing Rogue
Craft: B-Wing
#Craft: 1
#Waves: 6
Armament: Heavy Rockets, 2X normal (16)
Countermeasure: Flare

Once you enter the mission you will see that the Super Star Destroyer ?Vengeance? and the Imperial Star Destroyer ?Rage? are directly in front of you. Send all power to engines and head for the ?Vengeance.? Switch to heavy rockets and set them for dual fire, unload on the ?Vengeance? once you are within fifteen klicks. Soon after, the ?Rage? will proceed into hyperspace, it will reappear on the other side of the ship yard later in the mission. Once this happens the Calamari Star Cruiser ?Liberty,? your command ship, will hype into the battle field far enough from the ?Vengeance? to avoid laser fire, but comparably closer than you were when you began the mission. After all of your rockets are sailing toward the ?Vengeance? high tail it back toward the ship yard.

About a minute after it goes into hyperspace, the ?Rage? will appear roughly seven kilometers away from the ship yard. Seconds later, a three ship group of TIE bombers carrying heavy rockets, flight group Gamma, will leave the ISD?s hanger bay and target the ship yard. Disable the T/Bs with ion cannons before they launch their rockets at the shipyard. If you fail to disable the TB's quickly enough, that triggers the arrival of flight groups such as attack transport Omnicron which will attack the ?Liberty.? When all of the TIE bombers are disabled take your B-Wing into hyperspace for a new set of heavy rockets and a closer position to the Imperial Command ship. Again, fire your rockets once within range. Now you?ll want to neutralize the TIE threat. Engage all of the Imperial fighters in the area with ion cannons, once they are disabled there will be no more waves of Imperial craft to worry about.

Now you are free to engage the SSD alongside your wingmen. Keep track of the fighters that you have lost, remember, you only have six waves. There is no quick and easy way to take down the ?Vengeance,? it takes a lot of time and a lot of war heads. This is mostly because of the SSD?s seemingly impenetrable shielding and it?s "ambient" lasers which can come from every nook and cranny of the destroyer. However, there is one safe spot which is extremely hard to exploit on a moving SSD: get under one of the shield generators and blast it with lasers. Although you can not tell by the percentage reading on your Combat Multiview Display, the lasers do damage the destroyer?s shields (it would take at least 16000 lasers just to take a Super?s shields down).

When the ?Vengeance? finally loses shield power target the shield generators above the bridge and destroy them, two rockets per generator may seem to be a little much, but it will suffice. The destruction of the shields generators result in a constant 0% shield rating on the ?Vengeance? and leaves the super ship open for attack on it?s hull. Immediately after the shields on the ?Vengeance? go down the Airam will send the Corillian Corvette ?Thunder.? The ?Thunder is loaded with space bombs and will ram the SSD?s bridge. For this to be successful the shield generators must be out of commission.

The destruction of the bridge brings the ?Vengeance? down to less than ten percent hull, making it quite easy to destroy. After the ?Vengeance? is finally destroyed it will take a while to explode, so leave the immediate area to avoid being destroyed by laser fire or being hit by the rolling SSD.

Now take out all of the fighters which you disabled, except for the TIE bombers. Assault Gunboat group Talon will come out of hyperspace soon thereafter, but will withdrawal on account of the Imperials defeat. When all of the disabled TIE fighters are destroyed attack the ?Rage,? which is patiently awaiting the return of the disabled TIE bombers. If you have a B-Wing left hype out and proceed toward the ISD ?Rage.? Fire off all sixteen rockets once you're within range, this will take out the ISD?s shields and leave it open to an ion cannon attack after which it can be destroyed.

Now kill the three disabled TIE bombers and head home. If you did all of this you will have received over 70000 points, and a Top Performance on hard.

Author: Tony Marco (Kid - Rogue 6)
Strategy: Tony Marco