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Tactical Operations Briefing: Rebel

BoP Operation 7, Capture Interdictor Cruiser Compellor

Skill Level: Hard
Duty Roster: Slot 6, B-Wing Green
Craft: B-Wing
#Craft: 1
#Waves: 3
Armament: Proton Torpedoes (12)
Countermeasure: Chaff

At the beginning of the mission observe the location of all imperial craft: the Interdictor Cruiser 'Compellor' is waiting within the Repair Yard KDY-77's repair claw; there are eight gun platforms protecting the unarmed repair yard; and Avenger squadron is waiting to be launched in the repair yard's monstrous hanger bay. Your primary concern will be eliminating Avenger group immediately, so take your B-Wing to top speed (ELS: 0/0) and head toward the repair yard. On your way, order all fighters from flight group Rogue to wait for further orders ([SHIFT+W] while craft is targeted).

Once you are in range of the TIE advanced switch to proton torpedoes and set them to single fire. Target either T/A Avenger One or T/A Avenger Two, and position yourself outside the hanger bay where the 'Compellor' is waiting (destroy the fighters with one torpedo each). Ignore any incoming fire as you target and destroy both of the TIE advanced fighters. The B-Wing has considerable shield strength and can take a large number of laser blasts. When two new TIE interceptors from Alpha group enter the battle quickly disable them. A two ship group, TI Beta, will enter a few seconds after flight group Alpha. They should be disabled as well. When this is accomplished proceed to either the left or right hanger bay of the repair yard, stay far enough outside as to keep your weapon system from being jammed. Then continue to target and destroy fighters from Avenger squadron. While destroying the TIE advanced within the hanger you must remember two things: make sure that you have a direct line of sight to your target, so that your torpedo will not be wasted on the repair yard, and do not fire your torpedo until you are sure that it will not hit the exploding wreckage of another TIE that you have already destroyed.

While you are destroying Avenger group a few things are going to happen. The gun platforms protecting the repair yard should be destroyed by your wingmen. The INT 'Compellor' should then start flying out of the repair claw, and two Assault Gunboats from flight group Tau should enter the area and begin to attack your wingmen (if Tau happens to attack you, break off your assault on the T/As and disable the gunboats). Once you have finished off all of the Advanced TIE fighters you will want to disable the 'Compellor.'

When the 'Compellor' is disabled you will want to make sure that the rest of Green squadron is occupied, to ensure that they wont be destroying disabled imperial fighters. Once the 'Compellor' has been ID'd and disabled the attack transport 'Lomcevak' will emerge from hyperspace, assign it to a memory location. For the time being just attack the undefended repair yard as the 'Lomcevak' docks with the INT.

The next threat to your mission will come from the Victory Star Destroyer 'Inexorable,' the Strike Cruiser 'Ironhand,' and their fighters. You need to go after TIE interceptor Delta first. Delta is a ship group of three fighters that launches from the 'Inexoarable.' You will need to disable Delta. Then hype out for a jump on the other six TIE interceptors that have launched from the strike cruiser, T/I flight groups Eta and Iota. The other imperial fighters will be attacking the X-Wings from Rogue squadron, if and when an X-Wing is destroyed you must order its replacement to wait as well, or they will destroy previously disabled craft. However, the interceptors should be content with attacking the X-Wings while you disable them.

The capture of the 'Compellor' will trigger the launch of three transports from flight group Sigma. The new transports will be targeting the 'Compellor' with heavy rockets, so you must take care of them as quickly as possible. The first wave of FG Sigma may have to be destroyed (two torpedoes per TRN), while the second group should be disabled. Remember to intercept all warheads headed for the newly captured interdictor.

When the 'Compellor' has reached hyperspace you may either quit the mission or continue to fly for more points. If you choose the latter order your wingmen to attack the repair yard, you should attack it as well. When the repair yard is destroyed order all of your wingmen to wait in order to keep them out of trouble. You should not move to attack the VSD 'Inexorable.' Order fighters home if they come under fire from the victory-class destroyer, and remember to order their replacement to wait. When the 'Inexorable's shields go down it will make a run for hyperspace. You must disable the VSD quickly in order to get the kill. After the victory star destroyer is destroyed, or makes it into hyperspace, proceed to attack the 'Ironhand.' Like the 'Inexorable,' the 'Ironhand' will try to escape when it loses shield power.

When all of the imperial capitol ships are destroyed you should polish off their respective daughter craft. The last craft to destroy will be flight group Tau. You may wish to keep your wingmen around as distractions for the gunboats as you destroy them, if not you will need to kill all of the remaining fighters yourself.

If you receive full kills for all imperial capitol ships and the repair yard, along with destroying all other imperial craft, you should have a score of about 140,000 points.

Author: Tony Marco (Kid - Rogue 6)
Strategy: Tony Marco