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Tactical Operations Briefing: Rebel

BoP Combat Engagement, Attack on Secret Imperial Base

Skill Level: Hard
Duty Roster: Slot 2, X-Wing Rogue
Ship: A-Wing or B-Wing
# Craft:  1
# Waves :  6
Armament:  Space Bombs (4)
Countermeasures:  Flares

Your choice of Craft only depends on if you prefer the speed of an A-Wing or the ion cannons of a B-Wing, as that both craft carry 4 space bombs for this mission. Keep in mind that the faster you get towards the Asteroid Base, which is the target for your bombs, the faster you will be able to destroy it, thus giving you less Escort Shuttles to destroy.

As soon as you exit Hyperspace, set ELS to 0/0 and arm your Space Bombs for dual fire. TIE interceptors Gamma will be targeting you, but the T/Is aren?t much of a threat, as you'll hyper out before he gets within firing range. Target the Asteroid Base which will be directly in front of you, its about 12K away. When you get within range (<9.00K), dumbfire your SBs into the Base. Now Hyper out of the combat area. You'll be clear of enemy fighters now in your new ship, so target the R&D, get in range and fire your space bombs.

Now target the escort shuttle NoShow 1, which have probably already left the R&D Base along with NoShow 2, by pressing the [O] key. They'll be heading for their Hyperpoint, so you don't have much time to destroy them, and not one of the shuttles are allowed to get away. Order your wingman to attack the E/S as well, since he's armed with Proton Torpedoes and the E/S will be destroyed much faster.

By now your warheads should have hit the R&D and destroyed it. This gives you a lot of advantages. A: Most of the E/Ss went down with it, so you don't have to worry about them any more. B: No more follow up waves of T/I group Gamma will launch. C: You get 15000 bonus points for it's destruction.

If NoShow 3 and 4 launch before the space bombs have hit the R&D Facility, target them and order your wingman to assist. When the last E/S from FG No Show has been destroyed, you'll get a mission complete message, but it's not over yet if you're after the awesome Blue Ribbon.

Assist the other Rebels in the destruction of the enemy fighters. T/I Gamma won't have any follow up waves, as they were destroyed with the R&D. TIE Advanced group Avenger has 12 craft to kill. Also, Assault Gunboat group Rho will arrive and engage Rebel craft. Rho only has 6 craft that come in 3 waves of 2. Remember, your welcome to abort the mission as soon as you reach 50000 points. This may be sooner or later, depending on how many kills you score, but if you destroy all imperial craft, you'll have earned bonus points as well, and you'll receive a Top Performance Ribbon.

Author: Gabriel Leventhal (Wolfman, Corsair Eight)
Strategy: Gabriel Leventhal