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Tactical Operations Briefing: Imperial

BoP Operation 11, Reconnaissance of Nocto System

Skill Level:  Hard
Duty Roster:  Slot 2, TIE Advanced Avenger 
Craft:  TIE Advanced
#Craft:  1
#Waves:  3
Armament:  Advanced Concussion Missiles
Beam:  Decoy
Time Limit:  15 Minutes

When the mission begins, note the location of all rebel craft. Most importantly, there will be a Nebulon B-2 Frigate--the "Valiant"--which will perform a micro-jump in your direction. To complete the mission objective of inspecting the frigate, just turn toward the Ship Yard "Calenz" and target the M/FRG when it re-emerges from hyper space. Now you will need to send all of your laser, shield, and beam power to engines (LESB=0/100/0/0), also keep in mind that setting your shields for full rear, while your have 200% will retain the forward shielding. Shortly after the "Valiant" passes over you, T-Wing Green will launch from it?s hanger bay, don?t deviate from your objectives, while in single-player, you are the only fighter capable of completing the mission?s goals.

Once the "Valiant" and it?s fighters are behind you, target the Modified Strike Cruiser "Sagina," it will be the first one to leave the Ship Yard?s docking area. When you finally reach it, the "Sagina" will have probably begun it?s one minute journey towards hyperspace, inspect it--then press the [O] key to target the Strike Cruiser labeled "AGWS-03," once it is inspected, ID both the Ship Yard and "AGWS-04." Now pursue Escort Transport Upsilon 1, which should still be waiting within one of the Ship Yard?s hanger bays. Inspect, then destroy, the ETR as quickly as possible (11 AMs should do it), if you don?t Upsilon 1 will add more mines to the already dense mine field surrounding the Ship Yard.

With about ten minutes left in the mission, the Light Mon Calamari Cruiser "Pertenax" will enter the battle and launch A-Wing Blue. Ignore the A-Wings as you did T-Wing Green, letting your wingmen keep them from you, you will have practically no extra time to dogfight in this mission. The "Pertenax" will be the last thing that you will want to inspect. For now, just use the missiles remaining in your launchers on the Gun Turrets, and then attack the mine field until you destroy it, or are destroyed yourself.

When you finally get to a new TIE Advanced, run to the Ship Yard as quickly as possible and engage any remaining Gun Platforms and mines. It should be noted that one GunPlt should only take three ACMs, and that they can be targeted by warheads from far as six klicks. Once all of the static defenses have been destroyed, get close to and inspect the "Pertenax" and quit the mission. If you do all of this within fifteen minutes you will have received an Excellent Performance. However, if you can kill enough rebel ships within these time constraints, a Top Performance is possible (consider re-flying the mission with heavy rockets in exercise mode and take out the STRKCs after inspecting them).

Author: Tony Marco (Kid - Rogue Six)
Strategy:  Tony Marco