Tactical Operations Briefing: Rebel

BoP, Multi-Player Combat Engagement: Imperial STRKC Ull vs. Alliance DREAD Karei

Skill level: Hard
Duty Roster: Slot 1&2, X-Wing Rogue
Craft: B-wing or A-wing
#Craft: 1
#Waves: 3
Armament: Advanced Missiles (AM) (16) 
Countermeasure: Flares

The immediate goal is the elimination of all T/As as quickly as possible. Decide beforehand which pilot will concentrate on Avenger and which will take care of Talon. Extra pilots should be split as well. As Talon fires torpedoes at the Karei, and then returns to the Ull, it is critical that the pilot responsible for their destruction get in range as fast as possible, ignoring Avenger other than to fire flares as needed. Set laser and shield recharge to 0 until closer. It will take 2 AM's to take out a T/A in one pass. As soon as Talons 1 and 2 are both destroyed, look for Talons 3 and 4. Repeat this tactic for Talons 5 and 6. You will most likely be right on top of the Imps launch corridor, use a flare whenever Avenger gets to be annoying.

The second pilot must be prepared to defend the first pilot by destroying Avenger as fast as possible. Use "r" to find Avenger at then beginning of the mission, thereafter use F3 and F4 to cycle thorough the Imperial ships. Concentrate on Avenger until all are destroyed. Avenger and Talon have 6 ships each, as soon as one pilot destroys his entire assigned group, move to assist the other pilot with any remaining T/As.

When all T/As have been destroyed, immediately move to the blind spot under the Ull. Use any remaining Advanced Missiles on the STRK. If you are flying a B-wings, use the toggle trick to bring the shields down quicker. At some point, 2 GUN's from Rho will arrive on the far side of the Karei. One pilot (with at least one wave remaining) should maneuver to where he can hyper, and with the new ship immediately attack GUN group Rho, while the other pilot continues working on the Ull until it is either destroyed, or if in a B-wing, disabled. As soon as the Ull has been dealt with hyper out if you have a wave remaining, otherwise immediately move to assist in the destruction of Rho. Rho consists of 3 waves of 2, followed by 3 waves of 1. They will hyper out if the Karei has made the jump to hyperspace, so be quick. When all are destroyed, move to finish off the Ull if she is disabled. Take out the Navigation Buoy and you're done. Destruction of all Imperial forces will result in a 25,000-point bonus, good luck and may the Force be with you!

Author: Vince Rambo (Stryker - Rogue 1)
Strategy: Vince Rambo