Tactical Operations Briefing: Rebel

BoP Combat Engagement, Attack on Imperial Shipyard

Skill Level: Hard
Duty Roster: Slot 1, B-wing Rogue
Craft: B-wing
# of craft: 2
# of waves: 3
Armament: Advanced Missiles (16)
Counter Measures: Chaff

At mission start, target T/A Avenger 1 and tell your wingmen to attack while you target GUN Talon 1. Move shields to aft and drop recharge rates to ELS 0/0, arming cannons and ions to "fire-linked" and missiles to dual fire. When you're 4 klicks away from Talon 1, set recharge rates to ELS 75/0 and transfer any energy from shields to lasers. At 2.5 klicks fire off 4 advanced missiles at Talon 1, then go evasive and launch one round of chaff. Meanwhile, your wingmen will attempt to destroy Avenger 1, but the only one that will have a chance at all in destroying Avenger 1 is Rogue 2, due to the fact that he to is carrying AM's. Now target Talon 2 and launch two advanced missiles at him, then arm ion cannons and DISABLE his ship. Doing this instead of destroying it will prevent the launch of a new wave from this flight group of Talon. Now target Talon 3 and dispose of him the same way that Talon 1 was, then disable Talon 4 using the same tactic as Talon 2.

With the GUN's out of the picture target Avenger 1 and destroy him if need be, otherwise destroy Avenger 2 while telling your wingmen to attack Avenger 4. When Avenger 2 has been destroyed, target and DISABLE Avenger 3. Again, doing this will prevent the launch of a new wave of the first flight group of Avenger group. Now target and destroy Avengers 4 and 5 with dual missiles. (Note: the best way to destroy the T/A's is to go to an ELS setting of 0/0 with shields facing "aft". If you lose your craft, you'll automatically jump into your wingman's ship, when this happens just go back to doing the same tactic of destroying/disabling.)

When Avengers 4 and 5 have been destroyed, disable Avenger 6 and tell your wingmen to attack T/I group Gamma (doesn't matter which ship specifically). If at anytime you feel overwhelmed by the enemy fighters, just drop all recharge rates to a setting of 0/0 and pull away from the enemy fighters, jinking and weaving here n there to avoid fire. When you get out about 3.3 klicks from the nearest fighter targeting you, drop speed to 1/3 and come about head to head immediately going to full power and target the fighter with missiles. Two AM's should be enough to kill a T/A or a T/I, and after firing 2 missiles at the target, launch countermeasures and pull away from the enemy fighters again. This "cat and mouse" tactic will usually get rid of the fighters that you are trying to eliminate.

The main point to consider while flying this mission is that you must destroy Talon's 1 and 3, Avengers 1,2,4,5, Gamma's 1,2,4,5, while disabling Talon's 2 and 4, Avengers 3 and 6, and Gamma's 3 and 6. When the fighters have been destroyed/disabled it's time to begin your attacks on the capships in the area. If your wingman's ship is still alive, tell him to wait for further orders otherwise he'll destroy any disabled fighters or attack the capships himself. Green group should have at least destroyed the STRKC and the FRG, so your job is simple…disable M/FRG Sicorro, M/CRV group 192, ESC Straasa, and CRV AD88. If the STRKC or FRG haven't been destroyed by Green up to this point then go ahead and disable them as well.

By now the ISD Hammer has already entered the area and is sitting a couple klicks away from the repair yard; make sure that your shields and lasers are fully charged before attempting to take care of this big boy. When your shields and lasers are at 200%, move in on the ISD at an ELS setting of 0/100, while maneuvering into one of the ISD's blindspots, and since the ship will not be moving at all, you can sit there and plow away at it until it makes that colorful explosion. With the ISD out of the way now, go ahead and destroy all the other capships in the area…this will give you the mission complete message and possibly enough points for the TP.

However, if you're point hungry, go ahead and destroy the Repair Yard then finish the mission off by taking out the enemy fighters. (Note: do not destroy the fighters until the repair yard has been destroyed, otherwise a replacement wave may arrive.) Mission Accomplished, another flashy blue ribbon added and a bunch of Imperial scrap metal floating around in space.

Author: Josh Kinney ( Hellcat - Rogue 8 )
Strategy: Josh Kinney