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Tactical Operations Briefing: Imperial

BoP Combat Engagement, Attack on Rebel Capital Ships

Skill level : Hard
Duty Roster : Slot 3, Gun TAU
Craft : Assault Gunboat
# of craft : 1
# of waves : 3
Armament : Heavy Rockets (8)
Countermeasures : none
Beam weapon : Decoy

When you come out of hyperspace, you will be facing the three Rebel capital ships that you must destroy or drive off: the CRS Odysseus (killing it will give you 10,000 bonus points), the CRL Zeus (killing it will give you 5000 bonus points) and the STRKC Thor (killing it will give you 2500 bonus points).

Target the Odysseus and tell your wingmen to attack it. Then target the nearest rebel fighter, most likely an X-wing and set your LSB (lasers, shields, beam) to 75/0/75. Select your ion cannons and disable it. Do NOT go after another craft before you have disable the fighter. As soon as the fighter is disabled, turn on your decoy beam for two seconds, sending any fighters that were targeting you towards your wingmen instead. Target the CRS again and tell your wingmen to attack it, as at least one of them will have died and will be targeting the nearest fighter. Target the next fighter and proceed to disable him.

Repeat this tactic until all of the fighters are disabled. (*NOTE: You must not be killed while you are still disabling the fighters. If you are, start again. Otherwise you won't have enough rockets to bring down the capital ships shields before they make their way to hyperspace.)

Now dumbfire your warheads into the CRS Odysseus, this should bring its shields down if any of your wingmen succeeded in firing a few of their torpedoes. If not, make repeated attack runs until the shield fall, then disable it.

Go to hyperspace to jump into your second ship with its full load of rockets. Order your remaining wingmen to attack the CRL Zeus while you dumbfire your warhead load into the STRKC Thor. The STRKC's shields will drop with the eight rockets. Disable the STRKC after that.

Hyper out once more and fire off your warheads at the CRL and then disable it.

Now proceed to disable your wingmen, as they will rob you from the kill points that the CRS, CRL and STRKC will give you.

Kill the three capital ships and then target the disabled fighters and their follow-up waves.

  • A-wing Gold is composed of 12 fighters in groups of 2. Killing them all will give you 1000 bonus points
  • X-wing Blue 1 has two more waves ( Blue 3, 5). Worth 1000 bonus points.
  • X-wing Blue 2 has two more waves ( Blue 4, 6). Worth 1000 bonus points.
  • X-wing Rogue 1 has two extra waves ( Rogue 3, 5). Worth 1000 bonus points.
  • X-wing Rogue 2 has two extra waves ( Rogue 4, 6). Worth 1000 bonus points.

While using this technique and killing every single enemy craft, the author finishes the mission with a score above 90,000 points.

If you succeed in killing everything, then be proud to have yet another Top Performance ribbon attached to your pilot file!

Author: Marc Desrosiers ( Prowler ? Buccaneer 5 )
Strategy: Marc Desrosiers