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Tactical Operations Briefing: Rebel

BoP Training Operation, Escort Convoy through the Halbara System

Skill Level : Hard
Duty Roster : Slot 3, X-wing Rogue
Craft : B-wing
# of craft : 1
# of waves : 3
Armament : Heavy Rockets (8)
Countermeasures : Flares

The most critical objective of the mission is to make sure that 100% of the convoy makes it to hyperspace. This will give you a bonus of 20,000 points at the end of the mission.

As soon as you drop out of hyperspace, set your ELS to 0/0 and head at full throttle towards the nav buoy. Also set your warheads to single fire. Three GUNs from group TAU will drop out of hyperspace in a few seconds and you must destroy one of them to start your points going up. (Along the mission, they will only be targeting the Escort Carrier that you must be protecting, so don't worry about them killing the Corvettes or the Cargo Ferries.) When you get into missile range of the GUNs, target TAU 3, obtain a red lock and wait until it is 0.2 klicks away to fire. The rocket will definitely kill the GUN. By now the M/FRG Lightning and the FRG Damocles will have dropped into the system and will have started launching T/I groups Alpha and Delta. Target the Lightning and fire off your remaining seven rockets. This will lower its shields to near 0%, but will not make it run for hyperspace. (This would leave you an extra rocket but since you killed a GUN with it, well?that gave you even more points.) Hyper out immediately after you have fired your rockets.

Once in your new craft, set your ELS to 75/0 and head out towards the FRG Damocles. Along the way, try to kill one of the GUNs without starting a furball. Then order your wingmen to attack the T/I groups that will be attacking either Gold group or Rogue group. This will leave the remaining GUN alone so that no new waves will come in to blast the Escort Carrier.

Target the Damocles and fire your eight rockets at it. The eight rockets should bring it down close to 83% hull and will probably make it run for hyperspace. If it doesn't, head for it and fire your ions and lasers at it until it starts turning. When it does, head back towards the convoy and hyper out when the Damocles is no longer firing at you.

This is your last craft and the most vital craft you have had ever since the beginning of the mission. Set your ELS to 0/0 and head for the M/FRG. Fire your full payload at it and then watch it blow. Killing the M/FRG will give you 10,000 bonus point + the points for having killed it.

Set your systems to 75/0 and take out the remaining T/Is. If they start to attack you, set to 0/0 and head out, dropping flares along the way. Now kill the leftover GUNs (most likely TAU group 2, composed of TAU 4, 5, 6). The third and fourth waves of GUN will enter the area within warhead firing range, so get ready to shoot down a few torps. Take out a few of their torps as you close with them and then proceed to eliminate the GUNs.

Once you have cleared the area of GUNs, all you have to do is set you engine to zero and wait for the convoy to enter hyperspace (Escort Carrier included.) Then you can go ahead and pat yourself on the back for having one more blue ribbon stuck to your pilot!

While using this technique, the author finishes the mission with a score above 70,000 points.)

Author: Marc Desrosiers ( Prowler ? Buccaneer 5 )
Strategy: Marc Desrosiers