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Tactical Operations Briefing: Rebel

BoP Operation 2, Protect Wounded Arriving from Gelgelar Base

Skill Level: Hard
Duty Roster: Slot 1,  Rogue
Craft: B-Wing
#Craft: 1
#Waves: 3
Armament: Heavy Rockets
Countermeasure: Flares
Mode: Historical Combat

Note: For this mission I flew a B-wing with heavy rockets with the intention of destroying the ISD Nemesis. While I was unable to do so due to the overwhelming pressure from the ISD's fighter screen, I was able to rack up some bonus points for successful missile hits. I believe it possible to destroy the ISD, I just need more time to find a way to do so. Regardless, you will need to use all three B-wings for this mission.

When you begin this mission, tell your wingmen from Rogue and Gold Squadrons to wait.Head towards the Medical Frigate Redemption. You will get notifications that transports T-37, T-38, and T-39 will enter the system, as will the shuttle Compassion and YT-freight Lanigiro. As soon as the ISD Nemesis enters the system, head towards it.It will launch 8 TIEs, 2 Bombers, and 2 Interceptors.As soon as the squints and dupes launch, set ELS to 0/0 and race towards them.Disable each set, then double-back to pursue the TIEs. They will get near Gold Squadron, and if you time it right you can order Gold back to the Redemption without any serious casualties. Disable all 8 TIEs and tell Gold to wait again before they enter the Frigate. Set ELS to 100/100 and head back towards the ISD.

By this time, the Lanigiro will have joined the fray and will be destroying any TIE it can hunt down.  This is the closest thing in the campaign to flying alongside the Millennium Falcon. As soon as you are fully charged, set ELS to 50/50 or 75/50 depending on your preference. It is crucial that you disable each new wave of Bombers and Interceptors as they launch from the Nemesis. This will help with crowd control, and you can still get points as the Lanigiro chews through them.Be careful of the ISD's firepower, and if you get overwhelmed fall back away from the hangar area.If you happen to pick up any TIEs or Interceptors, don't be afraid to use flares or set ELS to 0/0 and race back towards the Redemption.Otherwise, the Lanigiro will be your best friend here.

The ISD will close the gap towards the Redemption, so you may need to call in your waiting Rogue wingmen (and women) as necessary, then tell them to wait again.Once again, I would like to reiterate that it is crucial to disable the second wave of TIE Bombers immediately as they launch, or shoot down their torpedoes quickly, otherwise a bombing run will destroy a transport.

By the time all three transports have made it away, successive waves of two Gunboats from Tau Squadron will have arrived and begin targeting the Redemption. If you have disabled all the TIEs nearby, head to them and try to disable or destroy them, as well as shoot down their torpedoes. Assuming the Redemption has not taken any serious damage, it will enter hyperspace and you will have won the mission.

I should note, if you are able to get 22 kills and 22 assists, plus successive hits, inspect the ISD, and survive, your final score should be around 52700 points.

Congratulations! You have earned a well-deserved Top Performance!

Author:  Andrew Dobson (Dobber - Buccaneer 3)
Strategy:  Andrew Dobson