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Tactical Operations Briefing

Rogue Squadron 3D , Rendezvous on Barkhesh

Needed For Gold:
Completion Time: 5:45
Enemies Destroyed: 30
Accuracy: 40%
Friendly Saves: 19
Bonuses Collected: 0

The object of this mission is to protect the Rebel convoy from being destroyed. Getting the gold medallion isn't extremely difficult, once you know the correct order in which to destroy things. Several times T/Bs will try to sneak in behind you to kill a transport, you just have to know when and where they will come in, so that you can be there first.

As the mission starts, you will see some Probe Droids ahead of you. Attack and destroy them. Next, follow your radar to the convoy. Ahead of the convoy are some more Probe Droids, go ahead and kill them. By this time, your fellow Rogues should have caught up with the convoy and it will start moving.

When you kill all the Probes, move in the direction the convoy is, you will immediately see a little valley leading off to your right. Go into the valley and destroy the AT-ST that is walking there. Now, circle around and make your way back to the convoy. Fly to the area where the convoy started, and you will see (or will shortly see) a TIE Bomber trying to sneak at the convoy from behind. Kill it, and then immediately turn around and head back for the convoy. On the way, two more TIE Bombers will pop in. Destroy them before they destroy ANY of the convoy. If they do, you will not get the Gold Medal.

Now fly up to the head of the convoy and pass it. You will come across two more AT-STs. Kill them. I like to use my Proton Torps. It only takes one per AT-ST. Fly up the hill that is directly in front of you, and to your right you will come across a turbolaser battery. Destroy it, turn around, and destroy the other one. Fly down the slope to your right and follow the pat. There will be two more AT-STs. Hit them with one torp each. Take a left, and hit the third AT-ST with a torp as well. Follow the mountain wall around to your left, and keep following it until you come across a pair of turbolasers, take them out with your guns.

Turn around and go back to the convoy. Take out the pair of TIE Bombers that appear and attack the convoy. Turn around again and head back to the pair of turbolasers you just destroyed. Fly past them, and you will come to a spot with two AT-STs, and tower mounted turbolaser, and some stormtroopers running around on the ground. Take out all of these forces. Use your radar to make sure they are all dead. Finally, go back to the convoy. You might have to take out one or two more TIE Bombers, but then the mission will end. If you were quick enough, and accurate enough, you will have gotten a gold medal.

Author: Brennan Roth (Rainman - Rogue Five)
Strategy: Brennan Roth