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Tactical Operations Briefing

Rogue Squadron 3D , Search for the Nonnah

Needed For Gold:
Needed for Gold:
Completion time: 10:00
Enemies Destroyed: 38
Accuracy: 20%
Friendly Saves:	1
Bonus Collected: 0

When you start this mission, there will be T/Is flying at you. Shoot down as many as you can on the first pass. Don't worry too much about them though. Your primary mission is to find the Nonnah. So search for it. Shoot down ships on your way. But remember, the faster you find the Nonnah, the faster your completion time will be.

Once you have found it, a shuttle should come to board the Nonnah. Your primary objective is to protect the shuttle while it docks with the Nonnah. Make sure it doesn't get destroyed. Your first obstacle will come in the shape of an Imperial Shuttle. This shuttle drops an AT-ST and 3 tanks. Kill these ASAP (I suggest two missiles and some lasers for the AT-ST, and lasers for the tanks), as they will target your shuttle. After the AT-ST and tanks, you should find the Tie Bombers. They will be coming towards the Nonnah to bomb it. Destroy them immediately.

Once the T/Bs are destroyed, the Imp Shuttle should have deployed 4 AT-PTs. Kill these (they die fairly quickly) with your lasers. By now, more T/Bs should be moving in. Kill them, and then start working on the T/Is. The more you shoot down, the better your chance for gold is. Remember that you must get 38 kills to get the gold. Keep up the fight until the shuttle takes off. Now it is your job to provide air cover.

Most of the Imp air strike comes in the form of T/Is. Kill them fast, before they can shoot the Nonnah too much. Beware that they often pop up from behind the ship and shoot it from the rear. These are the ships you need to be most aware of. If you save the Nonnah in under 10 minutes, and you are accurate*, and deadly enough, you will get the gold.

*Note: Since much of this mission is dogfighting, if you aren't a good dogfighter, your accuracy will go down. If you are worried about your accuracy, pump some shots into the Imp Shuttle. While it takes more time than you have to destroy, it ups your accuracy.

Author: Brennan Roth (Rainman - Rogue Five)
Strategy: Brennan Roth