Tactical Operations Briefing

Rogue Squadron 3D , Defection At Corellia

Needed for Gold:
Completion Time: 10:00
Enemies Destroyed: 50
Accuracy: 20%
Friendly Saves: 95
Bonus Collected: 1

This mission is one of the more frustrating in which to get the gold medal. This is partially because it is the first mission that you have to tackle the AT-ATs in. Taking them down is tricky, but once you get the hang of it, you'll have no problems. While it is one of the most frustrating missions, it is also one of the most addictive ones.

When you enter the mission, fly towards the objective by using your radar. Destroy all 6 of the probe droids as fast as you can. This should be routine by now, and you should be able to pick up some time here. When the probes are gone, you'll see a cutscene and you'll be told to head back to the city. Once again, follow your radar to the building you are supposed to attack. It is being attacked by T/Bs, so you need to kill them ASAP. You'll know they are all dead when you see the next cutscene.

Now you have to go protect Crix Madine. Follow the radar to the objective, where 4 T/Bs are attacking the building that Madine is in. Take them out. You'll see another cutscene. Your pals Han and Chewie have come to lend a hand. Now your objective on the radar changes. On the way to your next objective, you need to pick up the bonus. Fly as high as you can parallel to the coast. You'll see a city nearby (it's the first one you come to along the coast after getting the 4 T/Bs. In the city, if you're flying up high enough, you'll see a yellow box on the ground between the buildings. You have to get to it (your ship has to touch it). This is difficult at first, but you'll get the hang of it. You must pick up this bonus if you want the gold medal. Get the bonus, and continue on your mission.

As you'll soon see, the next objective is to take down an AT-AT. On your way to the AT-AT, it is a good idea to take out the Imperial boats in the water. This will give you much-needed kills. Now it is time to harpoon that AT-AT and take it out. Fly in at the AT-AT along one of the sides. I like to do it at full throttle, but that is just my preference. When you pass the first leg, fire the harpoon. Hold your joystick pretty much all the way over. You have to go around the AT-AT 3 times. It is easier to do if you stay close to the legs, and try to stay below the knees. Once the AT-AT falls, shoot it and blow it up. On to the next part of the mission.

Now you have to fly back to the tech center that Madine is in. When you get there, destroy the two AT-STs. Also, you can pick up extra kills by taking out the stormtroopers running around. Also, there is an AT-AT nearby that you need to take out. Do this the same way you did the first one. After you take the AT-AT out, you just have to protect the shuttle. Two sets of 3 TIEs of different kinds come to attack the shuttle once it takes off. Make sure it doesn't get destroyed, and when it is clear, the mission is over.

Author: Brennan Roth (Rainman - Rogue Five)
Strategy: Brennan Roth