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Tactical Operations Briefing

Rogue Squadron 3D , Liberation of Gerrard V

Needed for Gold:

Craft: X-wing
Completion Time: 5:15
Enemies Destroyed: 33
Accuracy: 30%
Friendly Saves: 6
Bonus Collected: 0

This mission isn't too hard to get a gold medal in if you use your advanced proton torpedoes you should have taken from the last mission. It can be done without though if you didn't get them.

In this mission the Imperial Garrison Commander is fleeing the planet but doesn't want to leave without some loot. Rogue Squadron is tasked with escort duty while Y-wings from Gold Squadron move in a disable the transports.

The key to this mission is to destroy turrets while they are targeting something else, they take about 7 laser hits (1 advanced torpedo). It won't always be possible, but the more you kill this way the less they will target you.

Stage 1

In the first stage there are 6 laser turrets and 3 missile turrets. You want to destroy everything red except for the 3 transports. Once the Y-wings disable them you get a cut scene and go to the next stage. Try not to use your missiles in this stage as they will be very helpful in the next.

At mission start fly over the hill in front of you and destroy the left most turret. Fly a hair to the left and you will see another laser turret through a gap in the buildings to the right. Destroy it and continue in the same direction, flying under the transport will help you in the right direction. Find the missile turret in the hills, destroy it and turn 90 degrees to the right. Follow the hills and kill the other 2 missile turrets. After killing the last missile turret turn towards the center (about 90 degrees to the right) of the buildings and kill the northern most laser turret that is on top of the buildings. Turn south and destroy the other turret on top of the buildings. On the ground next to the left side of the turret should be 2 small walkers. Kill them and slowly loop around to the left. Now there are two laser turrets left. The easiest way to kill them is to cross the center and kill the turret on the far side of the buildings. Or you can just go head on and shoot fast. Kill the last of the turrets and then roam the outer edges of the town to find more small walkers to kill (one in the south and another to the west). The closer to 33 you can get here the better.

Cut Scene

Stage 2

On this stage there are 3 laser turrets, 3 missile turrets plus one extra tough turret. There are also 6 small walkers and 9 Tie Interceptors

Follow the Y-wings north through a chasm. At the exit you will find two small walkers. They are still easy to kill. The Y-wings will head over the water and follow the beach. Directly over the small hill to the right you will find another missile turret. You will have to slow down as you go around the hill because it is really close. As before, destroy it, and continue toward a small cluster of buildings. You will first see a laser turret, kill it and aim for the top platform. When you get close enough you will see a missile turret, destroy it as well. Continue on the main cluster of buildings. When you get close pull up and move along the top of the buildings, killing the laser turret. On the ground and left of the last turret is the LARGE turret. This turret looks different from the others, and is the reason you kept the Torpedoes. Shoot 3 into it to destroy it and break off the right. In front of you is a missile turret, shoot it with a missile and return to where the main laser turret was. Shoot the last missile turret with a missile and leave the small walkers on the ground. While you do this the rest of Rogue Squadron is circling the buildings in a clockwise motion. Fly towards the water and start to kill Tie Interceptors. Kill them as fast as you can, killing the walkers if it is convenient. You need to kill at least 4 of the Interceptors. Once the Y-wings disable the crafts they need to, the mission is over.

Note: If you are having trouble getting enough kills leave the laser turrets around to annoy the Y-wings. Once you kill 4 Interceptors then finish off the turrets and clean up the rest, you have a gold medal

Author: Chris Stephen (Animal - Rogue Four)
Strategy: Chris Stephen