Tactical Operations Briefing

Rogue Squadron 3D , The Jade Moon

Craft: X-Wing
Needed for Gold
Completion Time: 6:00
Enemies Destroyed: 45
Accuracy: 40%
Friendly Saves: 7
Bonus Collected: 1

In this mission there are 10 turbolasers, 10 missile turrets, 8 AT-PT's, 15 buildings and 7 Tie's to destroy. You will also use the "f" key to open and close the S-foils on the X-wing to give you speed.

At the start of the mission fly right of the shuttle and cut the corner over the hill instead of following your Rogue Squadron wingmates. On the other side destroy the building and the AT-PT walking in front of it. Press the "f" key to gain speed and fly right past 2 more AT-PT's. Soon you should see 2 turbolasers shooting into the sky at your Rogue mates. Press "f" to open the S-foils and destroy the set of turbolasers, flip a U-turn and kill the 2 AT-PT's that you passed. There are 6 buildings in the area of the AT-PT's, kill them and return to where the turbolasers were. There are 2 more to the right of them, kill them and the buildings around the shield. Press the "f" key and fly back towards where you started.

Before you reach the shuttle landing pad you should see and chasm opening, fly through it but fly up instead of on the ground. Watching your radar screen, turn to the right before you get to the edge of the map and fly straight for about 2 seconds. Press the "f" key again and look for a missile turret. As soon as you see it fly as slow as you can, and light it up with your lasers. Continue on the same path and you will find a square shaped area with a factory closest to you, a missile turret in the far left corner in the area with the factory and a missile turret over looking this area on the right. Fire a missile at the first one you can see, and destroy the other one with your lasers. For speed, fire a missile at the factory, and finish it with lasers. After it is destroyed you need to pick up the bonus (Advanced Shields).

Pull out of the cavern and turn to your left. Ignore the turbolaser firing at you, because just to its right is a missile turret. Fire another missile at it (#3) and turn to the right. Fly high and slow and you should be able to destroy the missile turrets before you are inside their range. Once you destroy all the missile turrets in the area (5 or 6) you need to turn left into the area with the shield generator.

Heading into this area you should be on the right side of the circle. As soon as you enter a turbolaser will fire on you. Slow down and destroy it with lasers and then destroy the AT-PT walking behind it. Pull slightly up and left and you should see another turbolaser, with the shield generator behind it. Destroy the turbolaser and make your first pass at the shield generator. Turn around and destroy all the buildings in the center. This is easily done by going slow, making one pass, speeding up to get a little distance and turning around for another pass. Finishing off the buildings its time to destroy the shield generator. Fire a missile at it and finish it off with lasers.

Cut Scene

Fly high once again and in a few moments a missile turret will appear. Destroy it and thank the force that its the last one. Close your S-foils and fly back to the shield (relatively straight). Crix Madine and his commandos are being attacked. There are 3 AT-PT's on the right and one on the left. (Note, look at the hill above the AT-PT's on the right. That is the approach of the Tie Bombers you need to kill later) Use your remaining missiles now because you must protect all the craft. Kill the four AT-PT's and concentrate on the TIE's. The only thing left to threaten the ground troops are the Tie Bombers. They drop bombs, so kill them whenever you see them. There are also a few Tie Interceptors around too. Once all the fighters are destroyed the mission is over. Congratulations, a Gold Medal.

Author: Chris Stephen (Animal - Rogue Four)
Strategy: Chris Stephen